you’re flagged!

pennant flag stamp tutorial

i know this trend is nothing new. not even a little bit. but i simply can’t get enough of flags & pennants and their seemingly infinite reinventions. here are a few of my favorites that i’ve spotted around the web lately.

above, is a diy pennant flag stamp tutorial by cathe, at just something i made. so clever! (via how about orange by way of craft zine)

Five Flags Necklace
five flags necklace by amybsjewelry

how to make a ridiculously long silk dupioni bunting
silk dupioni bunting by annaleahart (there’s a tutorial too!)

Spring Fiesta
spring fiesta by pragyakothari

Circle bunting
circle bunting by kitschcafe

rainy day window by et lille oejeblik

Spring Mantel
spring mantel by studio 😀

uh oh!i just discovered the ga ga for garlands flickr pool while doing this post. bad news….

i hope you have a banner weekend!

13 thoughts on “you’re flagged!

  1. i’ve never gotten tired of this latest craze, there’s something so petite and elegant about flags! and, i love watching things re-invent themselves, brilliant.

    1. hehe! yes, i posted about it last week! and then i bought it, along with one of her new dolls, a few days later. it’s currently hanging between my living room & dining room and i adore it!

      thanks for the suggestion, mary grace!

  2. After Birdie’s birthday – our homemaded pennant decorations were up for a couple of weeks! I had a hard time taking them down ;(
    Great post!

    1. Just a couple of weeks? Come on Mari! Lola’s decorations were up for at least a month. Too pretty and summery to take down! Oh, and I’m lazy.

  3. It was my daughter’s 18th recently and I got a bit carried away making garlands of “party ring” biscuits ( do you get them there? multi coloured doughnut shaped cookies) I hung them from the kitchen beams and got some very strange looks from the kids…it looked good though!

    1. Can’t say I know these party biscuits but I’m hard pressed to find a cookie o don’t like. So garlands made from cookies sound wonderful! Thanks for stopping by, Kim.

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