you’re a doll or why copies don’t cut it

A guest post by Mari from Small for Big.

handmade art dolls

Have you ever found yourself wandering through a store, and suddenly staring at something that’s so clearly a knock-off that you start laughing out loud? Maybe this is another random side effect of being a product designer.

This time it happened at Pottery Barn Kids, who, as I think about it, has been knocking off handmade goods for years. My find: farmhouse dolls. These farmhouse dolls have me stymied. Why would anyone buy one of these when they could easily find a handmade doll that is (shall I preach to the choir?) more original, higher quality, actually handmade with love, and supporting a small business? Finding the perfect doll for your little girl is too personal for PBK. Then I remembered my husband’s coworker asking him, just last week, if we’d ever heard of this little website called e-t-s-y? Apparently it’s really interesting. So I thought I’d pull together some of my favorite dolls.

One of these may be the inspiration behind Pottery Barn’s dolls, but in the end, all of them knock the PBK girls over on their arses.

Hands down.

Beth Ragdoll Bit of Whimsy – PDF pattern $9.00, custom made dolls available
Spring Girl, Juime – €72
Rag Doll, Jess Brown – $104
Raggidy Rag Doll, Audry – $99 AU
Valquiria the Softie Doll, Pink NouNou – $61.50
Elia, Simpli Jessi – $64

Mari Richards writes Small for Big, a place to “commiserate” with you on that great thing called Parenthood, while bonding over the shared love for all that is hip and modern (and affordable!).

5 thoughts on “you’re a doll or why copies don’t cut it

  1. I worked at a local dairy farm for awhile, and they had a gift shop with “country crafts”. These were expensive faux vintage kinds of things including dolls. The worst part is they were mostly made in China, even though the buyer went someplace in Lancaster to purchase them. It was really sad.

  2. Maybe because Pottery Barn’s are cheaper. But, more likely most people don’t know about the handmade dolls. I didn’t. Of course, I don’t have a little girl either. And, honestly I’d never spend that much money on a doll.

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