You Have a Secret Admirer

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Dear passion-driven entrepreneur,

I want you to know how much I admire you. You do what so many people dream of but don’t have the courage, permission, or guts to do. You do work that’s often deeply personal, heart-centered, and that makes a real difference in the world.

Is someone handing out awards for this stuff?

Because regardless of if you’ve “made it,” what your sales are, or how many blog visitors you have, you are doing it. And that’s more success than most people on the planet will know.

I hope you will keep it up. For as long as it’s right for you. That you’ll work through the hard bits, seeking support & education when you need it, and doing your own thing when you don’t.

You matter. Your work matters. You’re probably doing even better than you think.

You have an admirer in me. And probably in lots of people you don’t know, but whose lives you have touched with a soft hand-knit cap, a whimsical piece or art, or well-turned phrase.

Give yourself credit. You deserve it.

Gathering light,


P.S – Know someone who could use this message? Pass it on.

19 thoughts on “You Have a Secret Admirer

  1. Lovely motivational message and a great reminder to continue to take the small steps towards the DREAM. Each of us does make a difference and impact others lives. This message is an important message …to remember to keep moving forward, to be an example and to continue to believe in one’s dreams. :)

  2. Laura, I appreciate everything you write (both here and Create As Folk) but thank you so much for this this morning. I was already having an emotional day when a relative called and asked what I was doing…and responded with “oh, you haven’t worked a day in your life” when I told him I was working. It means the world to me (and I’m sure others like me) to know that on a planet filled with people who just don’t get it…there are people like you that do. You not only get it and but you make it your mission to make sure we know the value of ourselves and what we do. I REALLY needed this today. Thank you.

  3. Dear Laura,

    Thank you so much for the uplifting words. They were needed fairly badly today. Hubby and I are trying to get out of debt and the whole reason I finally got the guts to open my Etsy shop was that I wasn’t finding any other jobs, so why not? But now it looks like I’m going to need a steady income to help us out, nobody’s hiring, and I haven’t made any sales yet. I know my shop is still new but it wears on me to be working just as long, if not longer, hours as my husband and not have any income to show for it. I LOVE what I do, I don’t want to get a different job, even if one comes along. It hurts to feel like a failure while I hear of others who made sales within minutes of opening. So thank you for reminding me that not only am I not a failure, I’m a bigger success than most people can claim for themselves simply by stepping out on a limb, taking a leap, and soaring. Thank you.

  4. What a pick me up! It’s amazing how something as simple as this “pat on the back” can revive someone, like me! I must pass it on. Would be self not to.

    Thanks Laura

  5. Thanks for this little pick-me-up! It is so easy to forget how wonderful the journey really is when we are on a mission to “make it” to our destination.

    But as creatives we will always be on some journey! Isn’t that why we love what we do in the first place?

    Thanks again for all that YOU do-

  6. Eeeeeek!! this is absolutely WONDERFUL!! i’m printing it out so i can view it daily. it’s amazing how much work i do, but sometimes feel like i’m crazy for these ideas…stepping out of the box…doing it differently! lots of others think i’m nuts…but i have to follow my heart and i know that in the end i’m helping others in such a big way! thanks for this reminder!! definitely needed at the most perfect timing! :):)

  7. Sometimes it does just seem like a waste of time..even if we’re not in it for the glory or to find real work. Thanks for the reminder to keep, keeping on. Thanks..very nice how you said that.

  8. What wonderful words! Of all days, today, I really needed this :)
    Thanks for including my “Winning” graphic and linking to my page. Much love, Amanda

  9. Dear Laura Gatherer of Light,

    Do you know how brightly you shine? You are radiant with genuine love and compassion. I always look forward to your words here and at Create As Folk. Thank You for being you!


  10. I think you know my admiration. You’re awesome. You’re loved. You’re hilarious. And yes, I’m already designing and producing your entire awards show in my head. Do I get extra credit for that?

  11. So needed to hear this RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!! Was seriously considering chucking it all in (after 12 years) because I’m in the middle of one of those ‘hard bits’. THANK YOU!!! I feel better :-)

  12. I want you to be our secret admirer! what wonderful words. very inspiring. we recently started our event planning blog and it is hard to believe in yourself with your passion and hard work out there for everyone to judge!
    thanks for the uplift!
    mindy and crystal (the creative juice team)

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