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In just a couple of weeks, entrepreneurs from all over the country will be attending and tuning in virtually to The Art of Earning LIVE in Philly. One of those fantastic folks is Sara Blackthorne, who took some time recently to share how the ideas behind The Art of Earning have changed her business – and her life.

“You are genuinely a purveyor of profound meaning.”
~Tara Gentile

One year ago, I was teaching a writing workshop to women on three continents while working a full-time retail position I hated. Then I left the retail job, the workshop ended, and I had this website {link to here}, with not a whole lot on it. It felt curious, a place that should be crazy comfortable and yet, something wasn’t right. Over the next five months, I cultivated and curated and created content, but it was haphazard – I wasn’t committing myself to the business, or to my dreams, I was just putting things out on the web.

Along came The Art of Earning.

I was aware of my sketchy relationship with money, but I didn’t realize how deeply I had internalized the “starving artist” belief.

It seemed natural to me that I wasn’t earning a sustainable income writing on a website not many knew about, but after I read Tara’s book, I realized that my deeply-held, as-normal-as-breathing poverty mentality was actually the driving force behind my low traffic, my lack of income, my resistence to all things entrepreneurial.

Since reading The Art of Earning, I have not only steadily increased my exposure on the web, but have developed two additional workshops, the beginnings of a one-on-one writing {coaching} experience, created digital products, and been interviewed on several other websites. I have a regular stream of readers, feature incredible women in an interview series, and made the choice to stare my financial woes directly in the face.

The Art of Earning didn’t just teach me about money or business.

Reading this book, doing the exercises, and really hearing the material being presented – it showed me that my dreams, my beliefs on earning and value, and the essence of my creative offerings to the world are worth every dollar I invest and charge. And if I can get all that from an ebook, then I know that there is something bigger than money at the heart of my business. Tara truly changed my perspective on what it means to be self-employed, to be an entrepreneur, to be a creative being in this evolving economy.

I’ll not ever believe the haters again.

Sara Blackthorne from A Forest of Stories helps women share their lives via workshops, workbooks, and one-on-one sessions.

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The Art of Earning LIVE is Tara’s most complete business training to date: a day long workshop in the heart of Philadelphia. Join us from the comfort of your home office or kitchen table. Virtual tickets are on sale until Tuesday, February 21.

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