How to wade into the current of creative energy

A guest post by Eliza Lynn Tobin of Art Asana.

“Resolve” by Eliza Lynn Tobin of Art Asana

One of the most profound things that yoga has taught me about myself as an artist is that my creativity is a process in which I am a co-participant.

There is me, the sometimes resistant and sometimes enthusiastic self, and then there is an ever-present current of Divine Creative Energy flowing like a river through me.

A Date with the Divine

Before sitting down to write this post, I put on my favorite earrings and fushia colored lip gloss and had a date on my yoga mat with this Divine Creative Energy called Shakti. We exchanged smiles in the form of my breath. Inhale, ‘hello how are you’. Exhale, ‘I’m doing fine, so wonderful to see you here’.

We continued to re-connect as I began to settle into my practice, flowing from one pose to the next, inviting her in with the softening of my skin. And for a few beautiful moments, we danced.

Yesterday, Anusara yoga teacher Amy Ippoliti asked a group of yoga teachers how we cultivate our relationship to the divine; in other words, how do we find ways to wade into the current of Creative Energy?

My answer was that I engage in my relationship with the divine in many ways: through yoga, art-making, spending time outdoors, journaling, getting lost in beautiful music, and by slowing down to tune into my breath.

For me, how I connect with Creative Energy is less important than the act of consistently connecting with her.

My relationship to Creative Energy is like my relationship to the people I love. She sustains me, supports me, encourages and empowers me, but just like with any healthy relationship, it has to go both ways. I also have to love, respect, honor and give my time and energy to the relationship. I have to show up and listen. I have to actively work with the relationship in order to keep it growing and going strong.

There is a beautiful sutra from a book called The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche (a collection of Tantric yoga teachings called the Vjinana Bhairvana) that says:

In the embrace of infinite space, Awaken to your true form. Divine Creative Energy revealing Herself as you.

I love this sutra because every time I read it, I’m reminded of what I already know. I am never alone, that she, Shakti – Divine Creative Energy – is within the fabric of my very being. Whether I’m creating a painting, a meal, or my life, Creative Energy is there pulsing like a heart beat.

And just like with any great love, I want to cultivate the relationship, honor it, and dance with her every day.

Eliza Lynn Tobin is an artist, yoga teacher and creator of Art Asana: a place where she shares inspiration for joyful living and yoga-inspired art.

4 thoughts on “How to wade into the current of creative energy

  1. Love this! It’s such a personal thing to let us all have a peek inside your creative process… It’s inspired me to write a post about my creative process too. LOVE your earrings & lipgloss thing… too funny!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post. It was just what I needed as I start off a busy day full of creative opportunity.

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