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this will be one of my last regular posts, and i wanted to go out on a personal high note by focusing on an artist…
…whose work makes my heart go pitter-pat in a big, big way;
…whose compassion & caring nature is genuine and admirable;
…who is one of the most professional, smart & insightful businesswomen i know;
…and who makes me laugh like crazy on our friday skype calls with Betz

Elissa Barbieri is the creative mastermind behind loop - where she "combines her hand-drawn patterns + eco-conscious materials to create modern paper goods." if you haven't seen her designs or notecards before, prepare to be transported and transfixed all at once. the teeny-tiny details in her drawings capture the nuances of nature's shapes, patterns and textures while her black, white & gray palettes provide a bold, urban vibe. it's a nice juxtaposition that marries her reverence for nature to her love of modern cityscape design. an architect by trade, you definitely get the sense that Elissa is building…ideas, messages, designs, collections, contributions…a solid & synthesized foundation of work for certain. my hat's off to you girl!

she recently added eco-lux wrapping paper to her line - printed using soy inks on FSC-certified, 100% post-consumer recyced, processed chlorine-free paper – a mouthful acknowledging loop's commitment to conservation & preservation of Mother Nature's resources. (more of this please, E….)

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where to find loop:
main site  |  blog  |  supermarket


7 thoughts on “wrapped in loop

  1. Jan, thank you so much for this incredible write-up … I don’t quite know what to say except that I’m blushing and honored. such praise coming from a biz woman + artist like you means a lot … Betz + Michelle, been loving the twitconnect as well ! Nina – and commenters to come – thank you for your support !! : )

  2. Loved your swirl designs and think that it is your best market to pursue. Additionally, I think that the placement of your work in the lower sections of a shirt is an excellent design approach that really sets you apart. Great work.

    Please take a moment to visit the design site of Vorzie Studios, and your comments are always welcome and encouraged.

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