With love from Europe: France

hat by lamarquisedesanges
hat by lamarquisedesanges

Last month we traveled to Hungary, and the first trip this spring takes us to the magical France! Home of Amelie Poulain’s travelling dwarf, the croissant with plain butter, big castles with even bigger dogs, thousands of painters: France is a wonder.

How to recognise a flight coming back from Paris? It really heavily smells cheese. Though it is a cliché, it is true: I have been to France three times, and all three times I almost became a cheese myself because the plane was totally packed with cheese – including my own 10 packs of different smelly, but delicious cheese. OK, one cliché is enough, because one of my goals with this post is to play with these clichés. The other one is to show you my favourite places.

pillow by lapomme
pillow by lapomme

One of the major cliches is, that French people do not speak English. That is not true: I always end up speaking English with them. Well, I have to admit, that I try to speak French, but my vocab is only enough for two basic sentences connected to – guess what – eating. For example I try to ask for a bread with ham, please I say: ‘Je voudrais pain avec jambon, s’il vous plait!’. They answer kindly in French, that I don’t understand. After this I usually tell them that I only speak very little French – I would say tiny If I knew the word – et voilá, they switch to English. So my conclusion is, that if they see that the foreigner actually tries to speak their language they start to use their own English knowledge…or my French is so bad that it hurts their ears, and do not want more of that. Anyway, if you want some more anti-cliches, then visit the blog of Sabine from lamarquisedesanges, who made a photoshoot dedicated to the cliches connected to French people.

lace bag by tortillagirl
bag by tortillagirl

It is difficult to choose, but I have two favourite places in Paris and around Paris, the capital of France. Did you know that the biggest flea market in the world is in Paris, called The Puces? That is my utterly favourite place. It consists of numerous submarkets with different themes, like antiques, vintage finds or a certain art history period. I spent 10 hours there, but I managed to visit only 2 of the submarkets packed with furniture and jewelry from the art deco period. Believe me, I would have slept there – right next to the amazing art deco necklace made of bakelite, that cost something like 1000 euros (= 1300 USD) – if I could.

paris puces
photo: lost in the Paris flea market – by vadjutka

The other favourite place of mine is the palace and gardens of Fontainebleau. The palace itself is nice, but the true treasure of the place is its garden. A magical-mystical place for long walks and daydreams. It was a misty morning when I visited the garden, and I instantly fell into daydreaming and time journies, in which I was the mistress of one of the Louis, let’s say XIII. Louis. The sound of the merry-go-around outside of the garden woke me up from my dream.

photo: Misty morning in the gardens of Fontainebleauby vadjutka

14 thoughts on “With love from Europe: France

  1. Ohh Paris, Paris! J’aime Paris et France!
    Beautiful post, France is filled with amazing artists :)
    Didn’t like that cheese part though.. I hate cheese. *must keep driving to France, avoid plane.*

  2. Je parle un peu de francais aussi!

    Your posts are so great and day brightening! The pillow by lapomme…C’est beau!! I’d love to go to France someday *sigh*

  3. Thank you, Judit! This is wonderful of you. And me too, I am infatuated with the puces at St. Ouen. I would be happy if a trip to Paris consisted of just going there… well there and the fabric shops near Sacre Coeur maybe.

    P.S. Jennifer, am happy you like my pillow!

  4. What a fun post with great pictures!
    I’ve been to Paris just once but I’d love to go again, not to forget the beautiful countryside in France. *dreaming*

  5. As an American living in Berlin, I just have to say I love this bits of Europe. They always make me smile. It’s so easy to start wishing and thinking about the things in the US instead of embracing the things we have in Europe – like the beautiful papers I’ve started making the journals in my shop with.
    Love that lace.

  6. What a lovely post and a wonderful tribute to the country I call home. Thank you so much for featuring my bag here; I’m honored and flattered!

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  8. One day, I dream of France. Of Provencal, and the Alps, and Paris, of course. My grandmother was from Grenoble, and I simply must get there one day. It’s on the list of things to do before I die.


    PS did you see the post above mine???

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