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helloooooooo fellow indie business owners!
times are tough, and advertising dollars are hard to come by. believe me, i know! it's one of the first allocations to go, isn't it? well, i hope i can help some of you out this month!

just below the 'fabulous sponsors' section in the right sidebar, there's a new section called 'banner ad winners' – and there you'll also see 3 ad spots with a question mark. one of them could be your banner ad for the month of april! keep reading!

Instructions & Rules:
1. leave a comment here with your biz name and why you'd like to occupy one of these spots.
2. must be 40 words or less.
3. must not have been an advertiser on SG in the past 4 mos.
4. must be able to supply a 150 x 150 banner ad within 24 hours of notification of winning.
5. contest ends Wed, April 1st at midnight.
6. 3 winners will be selected by owner Jan DiCintio, based upon comment randomly, so long as there's biz fit with Scoutie Girl readership.
7. if I can't get in touch with you or you don't confirm your win within 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

*BONUS: 5 random winners will be selected to win $5 off a future Scoutie Girl banner ad, in a month of your choosing.

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26 thoughts on “win a free ad spot on scoutie girl!

  1. Hello! I’m photographer:,
    also learning interior design, and don’t have an extra money on advertising now, but i really want to share my art, and i’ll be happy to get a spot on this wonderful blog!

  2. I blogged recently about subtle nudges from the Universe telling me to put myself out there. Be vulnerable. Ask. Say what I need to say. This could be a wonderful opportunity to get my art seen by the right audience.

  3. Part of your international fan club. I Just started Selling some really nice handstamped jewelry over on etsy. I would LOVE even a tiny little spot..

  4. oooh, jan, pick me! i hardly ever advertise, but i really really should. :) this would poke me and the read and make me get on it!! (biz name = jessica gonacha. how clever of me.)

  5. I can’t remember the last time I advertised… wish I could, but my budget has always been tight with regards to this. So, I’d LOVE a little taste of the spotlight. Thanks for this opportunity Jan!

  6. Oooh, this is such a great giveaway! I have a newish shop on Etsy ( and I have been doing promotion primarily through the Etsy Showcases, but I’d love to see how advertising on a blog would work out. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Ooo, this is so generous of you! I got an *awesome* response to my site after being featured here, and I’ve hoped to get some funds together to do some advertising on this site…but like many other shops posting here, I don’t have much room in the budget for advertising! What a great opportunity!
    my site is and I make ceramics!

  8. Hi, This would be a fantastic boost to my new business, sketch & jones. I have never done any advertising due to the small nature of my business. I handmake and print homewares, toys and accessories. I like your stuff so come and check out my stuff.

  9. Oh Jan! This is truly amazing what you’re doing! Ok, why i would like to be occupy one of the spots? Well, first of all because i LOVE your blog and i can’t get enough of it everyday. It inspires me in many levels. Secondly because i believe all your readers share the same taste and i would be thrilled to to direct any traffic from here my way. Simply that!

  10. Hello! I’m a high-end toy maker currently working on custom sock monkeys with knitted sweaters! I’m a Twitter follower and I think could use some featured handmade toys. My work is very professional and quite cute. Thank you! :)

  11. Hello! I think SparklePaw falls in line with your reader’s tastes. It is also a happy land filled with sweet, endearing, positive critters & animals. Couldn’t we all use a little bit of that right now? Thanks for the chance!

  12. Oh, wow, there are some great makers and artists in these comments! This is such a lovely, community-oriented space.

    I’d love to win an ad spot. I’ve never advertised here before, and I could really use a boost heading into April! :) Business name is Clementine Jewelry, aka ShopClementine on Etsy. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  13. oh hello! i am jan, at hazelnut cottage on etsy and i design a line of handstamped silver goodness. i would love to occupy a coveted ad spot on scoutie girl because:

    A) this blog rocks!
    B) baby needs a new pair of shoes!
    and C) i never win anything, but ya just never know! :)

  14. I have an etsy shop, but I’d actually like to get the word out about my new design blog because I certainly don’t have the dollars to advertise that.

    Launched in march 2009, Each Penny Pretty is a design blog dedicated to sharing ways to infuse your life with beauty, color, and creativity. It parts ways with other design blogs in its staunch refusal to concede that living a beautiful life means spending a fortune.

    Updated daily (Monday through Friday), Each Penny Pretty features diy projects as well as free downloads and tutorials from around the web. It also features affordable handmade goods, design inspiration, decorating ideas, and giveaways.

    Each Penny Pretty is written and edited by Julie Green, a Ph.D. student-turned-graphic designer who lives a simple life with her husband and son. With close to a half a million dollars in mortgage and student loan debt (oh. my. god. can that be real?), Julie is dedicated to finding ways to surround herself with good design, great handmade products, and lots and lots of color without spending more than one might at, say, Generic Bigbox Discount Store.

    Julie also blogs at (since 2006) and runs

  15. hi, jan! I am so happy to see your success! remember years ago when we might have been the only 2 people in Reading to have heard the word indie?? thanks to Tara at for reconnecting me to your site(s). I am trying to get back in the indie swing–have missed it so much!–and would love a wee ad to get things moving! thanks for this opportunity–hopefully our paths will cross in the “real world” again regardless!

  16. Hello,
    I love, love, love your blog and have noticed in my browsing that a lot of my favorites list your blog as well. So, I thought an ad here would get great exposure. And, I’d be in excellent company. So many of your advertisers are awesome!

  17. Hi Jan!

    I just wanted to say thanks again for featuring me on your blog today. I just launched a small bright idea, with the hope of spreading my recycled wares, as I have way too many to use by myself. I would love to advertise on Scoutie Girl and spread the recycling love!

  18. ha ha…if this isn’t an April fools joke then count me in the running, if it is then you’re a clever gal. p.s. great timing as my big inventory is almost complete. cheers.

  19. Hi Jan,

    Times ARE tough! So I started another shop with my good friend, Karin of Blossom Shop. It’s called Yoo Foo Shop which features lampwork glass beads by me (Starving Artist Bazaar) and beautiful jewelry designs by Blossom Shop. We’re hoping all sales made from this shop will go towards application fees for various craft fairs. We would love to have the ad space.

    Starving Artist Bazaar

  20. Hi Jan, I would love to advertise my patterns here. Would love to see one of my patterns done up in some of your fabrics. It’s on my list. Warm Regards, Cherie

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