wicker furniture makeover :: before & after

wicker furniture makeover - before

we live on a very friendly block. sometimes, a bit too friendly for my husband & my wallflower ways.

last summer, the neighbors across the street donated their wicker patio furniture to us. i could tell at one point it had been a very nice set of white wicker pieces but time had not been kind… the paint was all chipped & cracked and lots of pieces were broken and jutting out.

it was ripe for a crazy makeover


wicker furniture makeover - during

for whatever reason (insert any number of stupid excuses here), i never got to it and it sat outside all. winter. long. oops! needless to say, it got worse. so, i hauled by butt to home depot this weekend and purchased 4 cans of bright aqua spray paint.

and then i sprayed my little heart out.

i love them.

now i know this is no great revelation of home decor but it was pretty exciting for me who is generally cooped up behind a glowing laptop screen. i love how bright & unexpected they are on my porch and, at about $15 worth of paint, i won’t be sad when i have to throw them out in another year or so.

wicker furniture makeover - after

one final thought: i’m addicted. and not in a government psa on sniffing fumes kind of way, i think spray paint might be my new best friend. antique dealers in the southeastern pennsylvania area should be warned, i will be coming by soon and i will be purchasing anything that will look awesome with a crazy coat of paint on them. of course, when this all goes down, you – dear readers – will be the first to know!

12 thoughts on “wicker furniture makeover :: before & after

  1. I too am a spray paint junkie. When I needed to update my show booth from natural wood to metal, I found this incredible paint that actually looks like hammered metal. Problem solved!

  2. I really love the color you picked. So bright and cheery :) A fresh coat of paint really does beat having to buy new stuff sometimes. I still have some curtain rods and other stuff that I need to spray paint.

  3. Ohhh I love spray paint so much. I am sooo fond of that colour! I recently spray painted my coffee table in this colour.

    Best wicker furniture makeover, Tara! I love the pillows too.

    I’ve recently had a craving to paint a large piece of furniture bright yellow! Just haven’t come across the perfect piece yet.

  4. Love your wicker! I went thru the same phase last fall – I went so far as to take all the brass door knobs, light switches, even a brass chandelier down and painted them to look oil rubbed bronze. (Oh and the bath fixtures – lights, tp holder, towel rack…) Am about to spray my adirondak chairs s bright red. Woo Hoo to color!!!

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