why is this woman blankly staring out the window?

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you might be asking yourself, “why is this woman staring out the window?”

it might be because she’s in that melancholy mood that follows a marathon session of reading design, craft, and lifestyle blogs that are just to pretty for words. the kind that make you realize that your house is messy, full of junk you don’t need, and doesn’t smell like cut flowers and gluten-free baked goods.

also the kind of blogs that made me make a statement on twitter to the affect of, “i’m convinced that all indie biz owners live in homes full of beautiful gray-ish natural light.”

i came across this jezebel post yesterday that sums it up just so:

Because, whereas Martha and her ilk may have preached a gospel of aspiration, this world is all about attainability. All these folks are young, on a budget, and, presumably, have day-jobs โ€” or at least have the motivation to busy themselves with the less-glamorous end of their creative jobs (like uploading stuff, and bookkeeping) some of the time. Theoretically, you could do all this โ€” you, too, could (and should) be living a beautiful life. But most of us are simply not skillful enough, or committed enough to beauty or, as I always end up morosely chastising myself, pure enough of heart to attain it โ€” let alone make it look so good online.

yes, the blogs we read are hopelessly attainable. we really could be living those lives… and dear reader, if you think for one minute that i lead that kind of life, i’m so sorry to disappoint! yet, even as they disgust us with beauty and thrift and grayish natural light, we keep reading – in fact, we’re always hungry for more!

so what is it that keeps us coming back? what have you changed in your life because of a blog? answer: using the macro setting on my camera. a lot. why do these windows into others’ lives hold such sway over our day-to-day?

tell me in the comments. please!

13 thoughts on “why is this woman blankly staring out the window?

  1. What a great question, Tara, “why do these windows into othersโ€™ lives hold such sway over our day-to-day?” I think the windows show hope, individuality, similarity and the power of invention.

    Reading blogs inspired me to change my profession back to writing. The more I read, the more I thought “sheesh I need to get back to doing what I love.” I’m so much happier now…

  2. Because we are all voyeurs at heart & constantly find someone/something to compare ourselves to! I used to peruse blogs & facebook updates & get soo bent out of shape that everyone was living such a glamorous life while I struggled along in my pj’s behind my desk @ my computer or in my studio living oh so unglamorously until… I realized something:I am who I am & who I want to be & that is a happy work from home single mom who can come & go & she pleases & supports her family (sometimes in her pjs & sometimes in a fabulous frock)! Also, most media we see is just that…media/marketing made to look glamorous so you’ll keep coming back for more & is not normally reality of any sort! Thank you for the wake up this morning ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. i now take my camera with me everywhere i go. more often then not the pictures never end up on my blog, but i now have tons and tons of photos that i probably never would have had otherwise.

  4. The blogs I’ve been reading have encouraged me to do my part to encourage others. Some of the ones I’ve come in contact with recently (this one included), are so inspirational and mind changing in the simplest ways. It has caused me to become recommitted to my own blog and share a little bit of soul with everyone else too.

  5. reading blogs has validated me.
    working in a corporate environment at the start of my design career got me into a mindset that “finished, tidy, almost manufactured looking and perfect art” was all that was fit for human consumption.
    seeing all the gorgeously “imperfect”, handmade, sketchy, sometimes beautifully messy images out in the blogosphere has loosened up my eye, my wrist, my attitude. i LOVE the pieces that look like doodles and brainstorms. they are a window into a person’s heart and mind. i hope to release more images like this into the world, without the need to tweak them into unrecognizable “perfection.”
    blogs have shown me the light.
    and that LOTS of people like the light.

  6. oh, but the blogging helps me focus more on the beautiful in my life! so what if i have to move the mess to another surface for a photo op!

    one thing though, i am cutting my son’s face out of photos a lot more. i prefer not to show too many full-on photos, but i have to be careful to remember keep taking them!

  7. I think I’m enraptured by them particularly because they are so attainable. I started working out again after reading about others’ commitments to exercise. I cook more often and more consciously as a result of all the food blogs that I consume. And, I too use my camera more, with and without the macro setting, and have been learning to adjust the aperture to get that dreamy muted background affect. But, I tend to struggle with balance. At some point, you need to stop reading about other peoples’ lives and start living your own. That’s the difficult part.

  8. Reading blogs are a lot cheaper that magazines which offer that same small shot of beauty but for free…the cool thing is sometimes if i look closely that same beauty is everywhere and in my life as well…i realized that many bloggers are people just like me and you who take the time to do it…to show us what creative thing they are doing…i am constantly taking photos of what i am doing…its very cathartic and i love that people interact with you too!

  9. I follow the blogs i do because they inspire me, inform, educate me about business related issues, life in general and make me be part of something bigger than just me.

  10. I know exactly how that Jezebel.com woman feels. I often find myself reading blog after blog but it only inspires me to work harder on mine. I just relaunched my site and will be continually growing it in efforts to contribute to the beauty in the blogosphere. I want in. :)

  11. Blogs have certainly changed me and like you, mostly in the photography sense. I invested in a better camera and find myself obsessively documenting everything…just in case I want to post about it later! Some beautiful blogs inspire me while some make me feel inadequate. The photos are no different, it is the subtleties in how it is presented I guess. I stopped reading the ones that made me feel itchy, the ones that turned on the “shoulds” in my internal dialogue. I only read the ones that turn on the “coulds” for me.

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