Why I’m Infatuated With October


The picture above is the view from my living room window. When I get home from work after a long day, I sit on my couch, and that is what I see. I take it in, and in that moment I realize that what ever I still need to do, it will get done.

In the grand scheme of things, views like these that only last for minutes until that sun sets are what it’s really all about.

I’m infatuated with October because of the colors, the red, orange, yellow, and green — the fact that I know it’s temporary and that one day soon I’ll wake up to find the trees bare.

It’s that time of year where I can bring out my jackets and scarves and boots. Oh, how I have missed my boots. And there are those sunny days that occasionally pop up, and on those days I feel I’ve gotten the best of both worlds: sunshine and the need for bundling.

I’m infatuated because October is always the first month after I’ve turned a year older and I’m plotting how to make this year better than the last. So much hope and so much possibility.

It is the time of year when I feel like I’m getting back into a routine and settling back into my normal life, but summer still is close enough that I remember to be spontaneous and still have fun even though the warmth has left us.

I think we often forget to be in love with life. To notice the little things that bring us such light.

So tell me, why are you infatuated with October?

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Infatuated With October

  1. I think you’ve wonderfully encapsulated my Autumn infatuation too! The smell of the seasons change in the air, the first signs of morning frost, the birds different song, the re-emergence of spiders in the house ;( wondering whether the washing will dry, the grey of the morning slowly turning into a warmer day although weaker sunshine day, the conkers on the ground and the children laughing in the leaves, turning the heating on and staying cost inside whilst watching/listening to the wind and the rain outside, the excitement of Halloween and the countdown to Christmas commencing – these are a few of my favourite Autumn things :)

  2. I am from the East Coast but live in LA now where October just isn’t the way October should be. But I insist on October meaning I can break out my boots and wear velvet pants. Then I have to go home and change because it’s too dang hot! I’m not complaing about the weather but I do miss the reasons I’m infatuated with October: sweaters, fireplaces, the chill in the air that means everyone is dialing down to huddle in for the coming Winter. Enjoy it!

  3. Yes! I love this, and it’s all the things I love about October. I’ve missed my chunky sweaters and boots too. I’m SO not a summer dress and flip flops kind of girl. I love hot apple cider, strolling through pumpkin farms, and seeing all the cheesy Halloween decorations in the stores. October feels like the brink of something big. The lovely pause before the hubbub of the winter holidays. Thanks for sharing! :)

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