why i blog :: what you said!

last week, i asked the question, “why do you blog?” and i got some lovely answers from some lovely people! want to share your reason? add a comment to this post!

To have a semblance of adult interaction while homebound with little ones all week. To be challenged creatively. To connect.
@racheldenbow, smile and wave

I blog so that I remember where I am, what I thought, what I want, and things that make me giggle.
@upcycleyourlife, aisle3

Blogging is way cheaper than therapy. :)
@junecraft, junecraft

I blog bc I love gathering & sharing inspiration everyday that’s crafty, colorful, art nerdy & beautiful.
@sandypantalones, dig under rocks

I started blogging with hopes to increase traffic to my shop but then something happened. I got laid off from my full time job and all I had was my shop(s) and my blog (and my family of course). I was blown away with the fact that while blogging you can meet people who know exactly what you are talking about and care about similar things. The amount of help I got by circulating in the blogosphere was tremendous. Now I catch myself thinking about my blog more that my shop. Oops.
–jenya, evaforeva

I came upon a blog one day, not even knowing what a blog was, called “crap I’ve made” and it struck a chord! I thought hey, there are other people out there like me that make random things just because… so I wanted to share my “crap I’ve made” and that is how I started my blog. I like it because I don’t have to stick with what is in my shop, I can show all my cre8tive sides :) And pretty much no one in my household really cares all that much about all the crap I make :) Now I have my own people to share it with.
–stephanie, cre8tivedesigns4u

I don’t think I truly qualify because although I’m passionate about handmade and buy lots of it, I don’t make stuff myself – my blog IS the stuff I make. And why do I do it? ‘Cause it makes me happy. Very Happy! :)
–kendalee, dance of a painted lady

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5 thoughts on “why i blog :: what you said!

  1. I started blogging as a way to increase my expose and help to market my work without having to be too “markety”. As I started getting into it, I remembered how much I used to like writing when I was in school. It was the perfect way for me to try and express myself and my journey with my art. I don’t like speaking in front of people, and it can sometimes be anxiety inducing (on a small scale) for me to get out and meet new people face to face. Online I was able to feel more comfortable with sharing about myself and it has even helped me to connect with people IRL. Now I don’t think that I would ever give up my blog. It’s become a part of my art.

  2. Awesome post! I blog as a way of sharing things I’m passionate about that I don’t otherwise have an outlet for. There are many things that fill me with happiness and it’s so great to be able to connect with others that have similar interests. I never use to get blogging (who wants to read about me all the time?) until I realized I could share what I love and now I’m totally hooked!

  3. I blog to express things, keep in touch with the world, show my friends and family abroad that I’m still active despite spending most of my time at home looking after my little bundle of joy, and also to get some interest in my work which I sell to add a little income to our family.
    And no I don’t think I could give it up, it’s like second nature now at the end of the day to connect up and post something!

  4. I just started blogging. Main reason was for creative self discipline! Also a test to see if I could keep my inspiration going, scheduled – like art exercise!. Im addicted. I post every Saturday. My blog is called I LOVE SATURDAYS. Have not missed one to date! Fingers crossed I dont miss one all year.

    Joanne x

  5. When I started, I blogged for a lot of different reasons – some personal, some business, some creative. Now, I blog to share inspiration and information.

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