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i started blogging almost 5 years ago. (wow, that’s crazy!) at the time i had no idea what i wanted my blog to be. i didn’t really have a plan, i just kinda wrote when i wanted and it had no cohesive elements. it went on like that for a long time. it wasn’t really a huge priority for me….just something i did when i felt like it. over the past couple years i’ve really tried to bring more focus to my blog with daily features and a photo of the day.

the reason i blogged 5 years ago is very different from why i blog today. to be honest, i’m not really sure why i started blogging. today, i blog for several reasons. first of all, it’s a free form of advertising for my companies. i try to write once every week about all my work and what’s happening in the studio in my ‘marzipan monday‘ feature.

i also blog because it’s a great way to connect. when you work from home and don’t have coworkers to chat with during the day it can get a little lonely. blogging is my way to ‘get out’ of the office and have real conversations and connections with people. i’ve met some fabulous people through my blog and love the relationships that have come from it.

blogging is also my way to memorialize my children’s activities. i don’t have time to have a fancy scrapbook, but i do have photo albums and the weekly posts i do on my blog for ‘family fridays‘. i would love to get that portion of my blog made into a book using something like blurb.

my blog is also my form of accountability. i started taking photos about a year and a half ago. i now feature a photo of the day every weekday. since it’s a daily feature, it keeps me accountable to my goal of improving my photo skills.

one of the things i love most about blogging is that it allows me to share what’s going on in my life and the things i love the most. i love sharing the things i want on tuesdays and my thrifty finds on thursdays.

having my blog has both allowed me and forced me to think of something other than work 24 hours a day. it’s a creative outlet that gets me thinking in ways i wouldn’t normally. i’m thankful for that.

if you blog, why do you do it? is it for yourself, for others, for work, or something completely different? we’d love to hear everyone’s reasons. share your reason in the comments!

5 thoughts on “why i blog :: paisley wallpaper

  1. Tara and Lori – what a perfect time to have this theme! I’ve been thinking alot lately about why I blog. Partially to convince my husband of it’s “validity”. Partly so I have a better understanding of where I’m going next with the blog itself, my time, and my other creative commitments.
    Why do I blog?
    To connect and share what I’m loving at any given moment.
    To reinforce my own “personal brand”. Whatever that might be. Not sure yet.
    Sometimes, it’s simply because it’s a new challenge, which I’m addicted to, even though I whine alot.

    What I love about your blogs – Lori AND Tara – is that both of you combine such great content that comes together as a whole, but on it’s own comes from very different arenas. Your blogs become such a reflection of you as well!

    Wow. I’m longwinded today. Must be the cabin fever.

  2. Although my blog was started like yours, to have an online place to send prospective buyers of my art, I’ve found a wonderful community online. What started as an online diary turned into a discussion. And by trying to explain what I do, I find myself more aware of my creative process – which is giving me a greater handle on how I do what I do, and is helping me refine my art!

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