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to help round out this week on why we blog, great blogging, the influence blogging has had on the way we create, i asked the scoutie girl contributors to share their experience. you can read linda’s post and lori’s post from earlier this week.

here’s what jan, the mama bird of scoutie girl, had to say about why she blogs:

I blog to stay connected to my customers and peers; to force myself to be creative with self-expression through words & images; to contribute to the passion of handmade/indie by sharing the ups & downs of work and life.
find jan’s blog here.

here’s what judit had to say:

I have been blogging since 2003 (mostly in Hungarian, but in 2009 I started to blog in two languages): at that time I was a technology journalist – writting articles about blogging as well-, so I „had to” jump in the new hype. Since then my reasons for blogging have changed as I changed in these years. In the first few years I blogged because I wanted to be heard, I thought that my thoughts may interest people. From 2005 my life have changed radically, and I jumped in a long process of re-inventing myself, and I blogged about my self-explorations for a few years. It was something like an ego-trip, and I hoped that I will get feedbacks telling me that I am not alone with my problems. As I jumped in making jewelry half-professionally a new world opened for me with Etsy, and from 2008 I stopped writing about my ego, and started to blog about the new world and new friends I discovered. After doing this for 1,5 years I slowly realised what style of blogging I like. I like writing about my passions in a personal way with a little insight to the world I am living in – with the help of photos. So I dont have any „world saving” or „world changing” intentions with blogging anymore, I just want share my interests, which are eating, friends, jewelry and photography, and sometimes thoughts about the world we are living in.
find judit’s blog here.

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