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I am, therefore I blog?!

The 2nd anniversary of my blog is in March.  It feels as if I’ve been blogging for a lot longer than that (in a good way).  Initially, my goal was to journal and promote my business.  Not long after I started, however, I realized I enjoyed the blogging community and found the journey energizing.  I have never been able to keep a diary for longer than 2 weeks, so I am pleased and surprised at how much and how often I like to blog (sometimes even more than I craft… bite my tongue).

My blog is a reflection of who I am.  It has as many layers as I do:  mother, wife, business owner, designer, crafter, cook, jokester, shopper, gardener, reader, etc.   I blog to leave a footprint of what I’ve done and who I am.  I blog…

… to remember.

… to vent.

… to laugh.

…to help.

…to learn.

…to honor.

…to inspire.

…to be inspired.

…to promote.

…to share.

…to reach out.

…to be reached.

…for community.

…for my boys.

…for me.

I blog.

Why do you blog? 

5 thoughts on “why I blog :: à la mode

  1. I blog to figure out who I am…changing careers from law enforcement to SAHM, my one constant was a passion for making things and the handmade lifestyle…I am certainly learning with each post I write!

  2. Linda knows why I blog…. usually to vent! Which is why I love the Alamode blog so much… It brings me back down and makes me laugh every time!!


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