why do you DIY? [ we scout wednesday ]

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D I Y – do it yourself

DIY gives us control in a world that is out of it. And you can’t run to the store when the fridge is empty & you just used your last ounce of control. But you can run to the craft store to get more glue.

DIY is a quiet meditation. The mundane – stringing, threading, stitching, looping, pulling – is given divine reverence. It’s an offering from your infinite spirit to the finite world.

DIY fills the void between desire and reality. If God can create an Eve for Adam’s loneliness, so too can you create a skirt from a tablecloth.

DIY is a challenge. For all our busy, stress-filled lives, I still believe we crave challenge. We want to push our skills to the next level. Can I do it? Yes I can.

DIY is self-confidence. For every nail-driven, brushstroke applied, seam sewn, or paper glued, we gain a seed of self-confidence. With each project we finish – or decide is good enough – we find accomplishment.

That’s why I DIY.

Why do you DIY?

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29 thoughts on “why do you DIY? [ we scout wednesday ]

  1. I DIY because my mother also did DIY. She taught me to sew and made many of my dresses when I was young. She had excellent taste and style too. All of that turned me into a fabric-obsessed quilter determined to make a quilt for every important person in my life. Fabric is love.

    I DIY because it makes me feel closer to my beloved mother who passed away 16 years ago. I think of her every day.

  2. Thanks again, Tara, for a really inspiring post. I love playing along with We Scout Wednesdays (when I happen to catch your mention of it on Twitter.) You really help me think about the reasons I do what I do and why it’s essential to keep crafting ahead and forwarding the Handmade Revolution!

  3. DIY is breed into me. It is a part of my DNA. My hands need to create. One day it is painting, the next day wood carvings and yet another day jewelry. I am not sure but I am driven daily to create something.

    Creating is evolution in a sense. Your results in the beginning maybe less than pleasing, then you try again, make adjustments, and your work continues to evolve. You continually try to create better work. It can be a never ending process.

    Creation is a delightful obsession.

  4. I think DIY is in my blood. We were brought up in a household with a very creative mother so we just naturally gravitated towards DIY projects. I also think that it’s a way to reclaim just a little of myself – having young children eats up most of my time but if I can get a little time for my projects then I start to feel that I am defined as more than just a Mom (of course, being a Mom is very important and I love it)

  5. I’m loving all the answer so far. Looks like a lot of you were raised in a creative household. That’s great!

    I was not raised in a creative household. My mom would not even sew a button on a shirt:) I didn’t start really getting creative until my early 20’s. My MIL got me a sewing machine and things just evolved from there. I don’t know how I could live without creating today. Its become such a big part of who I am.

  6. I enjoy the mental gymnastics of making/doing things myself. It is a process of self affirmation that results in pleasure of getting things done, done the way I like them to be. Maybe this sounds pretty selfish and self centered, but so many things in todays world are on a really human scale, that this gives me a needed grounding in life.
    Thanks for asking another great question. :)

  7. When growing up , my parent s will do a lot of DIY, since this will save money around the house. My mother is a tailor and a seamstress so it was her way to contribute to the household.

    So I was , pretty much, swimming in fabric and yarn for as long as I can remember. I guess it sticks to you.

    Personally, I DYI to unwind and for personal fulfillment. Also, it allows to create something unique , that you likely will not find anywhere else and that itself s very fulfilling.


  8. Thanks for sharing your ideas, Tara! I definitely agree I attempted to share mine, too, on my blog, but its almost hard to put my finger on the exact reason. I just love making things myself, its almost an energy unto itself. It’s fulfilling, challenging, joyous, and so so satisfying.

  9. like so many others, making is my inheritance. my grandmothers were products of the great depression, so frugality and making do are something i’ve lived with my whole life. my parents are creative and crafty, and i just grew up with it. there’s nothing as satisfying as taking raw material and turning it into something fantastic.

    (it’s funny you posted this topic today, because i’d already written a blog post for today on the same thing!)

  10. DIY is an action verb!

    The hardest part of doing something for yourself is taking that first step. So many folks I meet are stuck in their lethargic ways. Ideas and concepts are all talk and no action. DIY is just that – “doing” something about it.

    I know that when I get up to start a project, I am taking action on my thoughts and ideas. DIY is a great habit to form – not only for your crafts, but for making the changes you wish to see in the world.

  11. Why i do DIY? I want to make things what i like, enjoy someone please my DIY product when they wear, a unique as well. It sounds like around myself, but not at all, because when you create something, you should be inspiring by something around your world like your family, friend and community. Thanks! That is great post to let think more about DIY project.

  12. Like many others DIY is in my blood! Both my Mom and Grandma were sewing and knitting as long as I can remember. For me personally Knitting is my ZEN. Working in a world of uber-creative people I use my knitting to feel creative and like I am contributing something to the world.

  13. I DIY sometimes out of complete necessity! In my online design journal I share a ‘project runway’ challenge night I had where I had to get a dress finished so that I had something decent to wear for an important event.
    This is a great ‘we scout wednesday’ – thank you Tara

  14. I DIY because it makes me more resourceful, like my grandpa making AMAZING jewelry out of pennies and the end of toothbrushes during the Depression. I also do it simply because it makes me happy and I feel empowered when I can do things on my own without paying for them externally! :) Good question!

  15. I DIY for lots of reasons. It encourages creative thinking & troubleshooting. I like knowing how things work. Making or fixing a thing makes it more mine. People should know how to do more than pay other people to fix things for them.

  16. I like to DIY for a lot of reasons. I love to create and equally love to see what I can come up with. I like to keep the creativity flowing day in and day out so always need to be working on something. Many projects and many hours spent <3 If I save money while I am at it? Icing on the cake.

  17. “It’s an offering from your infinite spirit to the finite world.”

    That’s why I DIY Tara – you said it so perfectly! DIY offers us a chance to participate in the divine act of creation. To transcend our flesh-and-bones reality, even just for a few minutes. To experience the perfection of human existence by being fully present in the moment of making something with our own two hands.

    To experience joy in this crazy life – which is the ultimate power.

  18. Everyone always seems to ask me “How do you have time to make things?” and I have to say that I DIY for myself. That when I am creating something, I can’t think about anything else, all the stress goes away, and it is just me making something. I guess it’s like my kind of meditation :)

  19. A little late here, but I must say my piece. This is too important. I do it because it is who I am, because I have forgotten how not to. Thanks!!!

  20. I’ve been answering this question in my mind for a few days now and finally put it on my blog. Great question, and I think my husband will appreciate knowing the answer too. I’m pretty sure he thinks my inability to sit and watch TV without something in my hands is crazy.

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