where do you need help?

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Running your own creative biz?

I’d like to see your business card. I bet it says something like “President/Owner/Founder/Marketing/PR/Creative/Web Designer/Blogger/Billing.”

At least that’s what it should say, ’cause you do just about every darn thing by yourself. You’re a one-man band. You’re a whiz. You’re…over-extended?

At times it can be fun & fulfilling to wear all the hats. But sometimes your head just gets hot.

Ya need more heads.

Quick, don’t think hard about this: what could you use some help with?


  • SEO
  • finding guest contributors for your blog
  • figuring out how the heck to use Twitter
  • WordPress
  • taking photos for your Etsy shop

Ok, now think a little harder. Where else could you use some help?


  • picking up the kids on Wednesday afternoons
  • filing quarterly taxes
  • yard work
  • having healthy snacks on hand
  • taking old stuff to Goodwill

You may be willing and able to pay for help with some things on your list. Go for it. Peace of mind is a wonderful investment.

If you’re not up for parting with your pennies, get a little creative with enlisting help.

Maybe you can trade services or time for what you need. Can a spouse, friend, or neighbor help you out? Can you do something for them in return?

This week, think about what you need – things that would free up your time, mind, and spirit to do your best work – and ask someone to help you out. Paid or not, help is available. Just ask!

Where do you need help? Share with us in the comments.

Gathering light,

11 thoughts on “where do you need help?

  1. One might think a woman that spends almost every day alone at home would not need help. I have no kids and a husband that expects little, but I I do need help. It took me a long time to accept that this is OK.

    Creating a body of work, a brand, a business and all that goes with that is a lot, let alone a house, garden, meals, animals etc.

    I have little to part with in the way of pennies, but I love the idea of barter. We are thinking of finding a couple people without gardens to chip in working on ours in exchange for the bounty. There are many ways we can support each other whether in business or home life.

    Great thoughts Laura!

  2. I officially started up less than a month ago, and have absolutely no disposable income.

    I have bartered skills — resume for graphic design work, future editing/writing needs help promised for web design help.

    I worked out a business card exchange with friends and professional contacts — I give ten of mine, get ten of theirs, and if we find someone who doesn’t need OUR services, we recommend their services and whip out their card.

    I helped start a thread on a board I’ve belonged to for years for board biz owners, and it’s become a useful exchange of ideas and watercooler area.

    What I need help with — financials. I have to file my first quarterly taxes in September, and while I am competent, I know I need an accountant to help me file the first couple at least, so I can get professional advice on deductions. I also need to set up a better (HA! Monkeys tapping on stone tablets would be “better”) tracking system for expenses, income, mileage, clients.

    I need to make more contacts for writing, guest blogging and editing. I have some publishing world contacts, but I know I need more.

    I need to utilize MailChimp better. I just started out with it, and I know I’m not maximizing its usefulness.

    “Creating a body of work, a brand, a business and all that goes with that is a lot, let alone a house, garden, meals, animals etc.”

    Word, Gwyn. I launched my biz officially three days before my stepson came for his summer visit, and I totally underestimated the time that this would take away from my working hours. I thought that once my husband was home, I could ensconce myself in my office and work my brain out — I was naive.

    Not because my husband isn’t an equal partner, but because, in the immortal words of Plato, “Sh*t happens.” (That’s a total lie, although I’m pretty sure Plato probably espoused that notion several times!)

    1. Erin, you’ve got the first part: knowing what you need. The rest is finding solutions one by one. Sh*t totally happens. We get better at navigating it, though.

  3. great post. yowsa, such a simple thing and yet so hard to do… ask for help. it really makes such a huge difference and yet we’re (I am) so reluctant to do it. thanks for presenting it in a way that makes it simple- cause in reality- it really is.

    we have gotten help with our business- and we could use more… it makes such a huge, positive impact. it frees me up to be able to get out and about- making comments :) and doing more to grow our business. thanks again!

  4. I need help organizing the business part of my business. Heck, I need help *understanding* that part, if I’m going to be perfectly honest. Seat of my pants, all the time.

  5. I often get overwhelmed by how much there is to do in life in general, my art business in particular. About a month ago I asked my grown daughter if she’d clean my house in exchange for gas. Yes! Oh my gosh, just taking one thing (a big thing that I hate to do) off of the to-do list freed me from so much stress.
    So last week I took my to-do list and divided it in 3 parts – what I have to do myself, what my husband can do better than I can, and what my daughter can do alone or with my help.
    Then I took the top 5 things from my list and put them on an index cards. And that’s all I look at.
    OMG – what an amazing difference.
    Now if only someone would do my website HTML for me I would have so much more time to ART!!!

  6. Erin – QuickBooks has a free software package that would be perfect for tracking what you mention.

    I finally upgraded to the one that keeps inventory and even tho I’m an accountant, I have my son do my data entry (he owes me money so . . . )

    I love your business card idea – need to put that one into practice

  7. I need help clearing my plate so I can focus more!

    I feel so bad, I’ve been bouncing between projects and being tugged by people that need my help with x, y, or z, or dealing with health issues…this Summer that was originally going to be all about focusing back in on my artwork has turned into the frantic summer of trying-to-stay-organized-while-not-feeling-well-and-having-too-many-things-to-do.

    I always have the best of intentions to really clear my schedule, and clear my mind… but I think I’m just a natural-born shifter. I love a new project and I also have a hard time saying no when people ask for my help.

    Can’t I just clone myself so I can do everything at once? 😛

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