where craftiness comes from: your creative calling

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Throughout this column I have explored the idea of craftiness and where it comes from. It has allowed me to realize that craftiness and creativity are within all of us, no matter what upbringing we had.

These often show up as part of our personality and the way that we live our everyday lives, in the way that we create for our families, or the way that we prepare food, or even in our careers. Craftiness is something that can be nurtured from childhood, or something that we choose to pursue without that familial support.

Your creative calling will find you.

This is not to say that you don’t have to work to make dreams come true, but that there is creativity and craftiness within you, no matter how much you see it as something that other people do. It is in the way that we think and the way that we problem solve our day-to-day lives. It is the common ground that brings us closer with others, something that we share in common.

Maybe we just need to change our definition of creativity to see that it is just part of us, rather than something only a special few have.

Some people aren’t ready to see their creative side until later in life and others know what they love from the time they are children. Sometimes you stumble upon it when you think you’re looking for something else.

From writing this column I have learnt that it is all about being true to who you are and the rest will come. Don’t write off your creative strengths just because it’s not traditional, or it doesn’t make you money. Creativity and craftiness are so much more than that.

Don’t you think so, too?

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  1. I am new at this. I have been creating for fun for a while for friends and family from custom made cookie favors , custom made cake pops, invitations, centerpieces, party favors, cupcakes, custom made tutus and headbands, hair clippies and custom made wipe cases. I had a friend of my daughter order me 40 elmo cake pop favors for her son’s birthday party. I live in Wisconsin and she lives in South Texas, I have never shipped edible favors for example those pops. I wouldn’t even Know how to do it. Does any one have tips, ideas, that can help me with this.
    Thank You,

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