where craftiness comes from with: tania wojciechowski

Tania Wojciechowski’s craftiness comes from her family. It’s something she feels that she was encouraged to do as a child. When I spoke to her recently we talked about what this has meant to her.

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At a young age, Tania was taught to sew by her mother, who is also a crafter, and she has been making and creating for most of her life. Whilst being an academically driven family, there was always that encouragement to try new crafts and to act creatively.

For Tania, craft is part of her meditation. It is a way for her to relax and to focus on the creating. That is something that many of us can identify with when we are drawn to a new craft or even one that we have been doing for a long time.

There is a focus, a meaning, a purpose that creating gives you that you can’t find anywhere else.

Tania’s business Manusmade is where she aims a lot of her creativity these days. She creates things for people and their homes, like tea towels, aprons and pillows, as well as working with handmade paper to create art pieces.

Craft is not only a solitary experience for Tania, but one that she can share with her family. More than just keeping to the crafts they are best at, she and her mother will sometimes work together on something that is new to both of them.

That, I think, is an important part of craft and creativity, that willingness to try something new. That desire to have a go. I think it can be something that we do through childhood but can forget as we get older.

Craft is a journey and an exploration.

Talking with Tania reminded me of this. She is passionate about not just one craft but with creating itself. It’s that passion from creating that makes us happy, makes us feel connected.

And that to me is at the heart of craftiness, being connected to something bigger. Something that we are actively creating. Something we are a part of.

Is that something you feel, too?

Thank you Tania! Visit Tania’s Blog and Shop.

6 thoughts on “where craftiness comes from with: tania wojciechowski

  1. I definitely agree that “Craft is a journey and an exploration”. I try a new craft every single week as part of my 52 crafts project and it’s the creating that makes me happy – the just having a go.

    I couldn’t be without my project now – I’m creative almost every single day and I’m so much more balanced, connected and happy because of it.

  2. @ooh at Nadine – sounds fantastic.
    @Christine – how wonderful to see your real needs of creating and ‘just having a go’ (at it) allows you to grow as an artist.

    I most certainly can identify with Tania’s belief, “There is a focus, a meaning, a purpose that creating gives you that you can’t find anywhere else.”

    The art of creating really is a meditation, I just never considered it as one. Especially when you simply create without worrying about the outcome. I have only recently learned this and most importantly learned that this type of ‘self care’ is an important everyday step/meditation for me and necessary in keeping with the being in tune to one’s self and inner voice.

    I love now that I can say that I’m meditating when I create, thank you both Dannielle and Tania for that allowance and bringing this forth!

  3. I’ve read several books that speak of the idea that we have developed into consumers. However, in the beginning we were created to create. When I create something I know I am connecting with my divine purpose. To me that is why crafting things brings “a focus, a meaning, a purpose.”

    AND, I totally agree with the meditative aspect of the creative process. So true!

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