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Brittany Broas attributes her family to being the influence behind her craftiness. When we caught up recently we discussed what impact this has had on her life.

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Brittany is a talented jewelry artist and textile designer who shares her creations through her business The Home Ground.

The encouragement to follow her creative pursuits that she received as a child led her to study at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit. She began in Photography and then switched to the Textiles program, from which she graduated last May.

Brittany’s mother has a degree in ceramics and worked designing textiles for a furniture company for many years, so explaining her decision to go to art school was easier for Brittany than it can be for some people. She has always been around creating and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The loom which she received as her graduation present has allowed Brittany to begin to use her textiles degree in her business and to take using natural materials to a new level. Everything she creates has a natural element.

Her motto for The Home Ground is: Keep it simple, keep it natural.

Creating is a powerful influence on our lives. It gives us that ‘wow, I made this!’ moment that only a maker can feel. Brittany described that feeling in a way that really sums it up: ‘Oh really, that was me?!’ It’s not only that feeling of accomplishment but that realization that this thing wouldn’t exist with out you.

It’s what draws so many of us closer to handmade. That connection that a buyer and a maker share through the item that was made. The attention and care create a bond that you will never get through mass-produced items.

The process of handmaking gives objects meaning

It is that bond and the experiment of seeing how the natural materials work together that drives Brittany’s love of creating. While creating, as she does now, is mainly a solo endeavor, that community of creating different things in the same space is the one thing that she misses most from art school.

Creating becomes such an important part of our lives that it forms the way we see the world. We crave the bond that it brings and the feeling that we are shaping our future.

As I see it, we as creators have the ability to make our mark on the world. To leave our message.

Do you feel that way, too?

Thank you Brittany! Visit Brittany’s Blog and Shop.

9 thoughts on “where craftiness comes from with: brittany broas

  1. Dannielle, this is such a great article. You summed up our conversation perfectly! Especially how I feel about the connection between a maker and the object made, and then passing that connection on to the buyer. Thank you Dannielle and Tara!

  2. Brittany has such a vision and talent. It’s my pleasure to have “met” her a few years ago and watch as her business bloomed. Love these glimpses into her creativity. Very nice feature.

  3. oh my brittany love. it has been such a pleasure (why do i suddenly feel like a middle school teacher writing in a year book?) to watch you grow as an artist. part of it, i’m sure, can be attributed to what happens over one’s early twenties….but the thing is, it doesn’t always happen that way, not for everyone. i remember once, i was at the botanical gardens and bree called me to tell me she had some horrible news, and i immediately thought she had crashed her car into our house or broke my laptop or something devastating. she had, in fact, broken my necklace that you made me for my birthday a few years ago…and she was absolutely right. i have more connection with that necklace than most things of money-value in my life. not often can create something that exists as an extension of themself, but you have done it, and you do it so well. i’m so proud of you. and it’s so great to see you all over the intarwebz. :)

  4. This is a lovely article of introduction to you Britanny.
    I so appreciate your point of the ‘process of handmaking gives objects meaning’. When I create something for someone I always feel as if I am investing the creation with a little of my spirit mingled with my constant thoughts about the recipient while working on the piece which in turn congeals into the ‘meaningfulness’ in the gift.
    Hide A Heart

  5. Oh dear! You are so unbelievably talented. I’m completely in awe of everything you do, your creations, your vision, your brand. It is so wonderful to get a little more background and idea of what makes you, you! Thanks for letting us peek behind the curtain!

    Danielle, awesome article – as always you rock!

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