where craftiness comes from: tiffany smith

Tiffany Smith is a graphic designer and printmaker from Virginia who likes to explore all areas of her creativity. We caught us recently to talk about where her craftiness comes from.

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Tiffany has recently made the leap into being a freelance designer and now runs her business Hello Nifty full time.

Creativity has always been part of Tiffany’s life and she explores that through painting, printmaking, graphic design, drawing and photography. It is the process of how you get your message across to people, no matter the medium, that attracts her to creating.

She was always encouraged to explore her craftiness, though it was never meant to be a career option. When she changed majors in college from science to art she was advised not to. But she did it anyway.

Those four years at college were amazing and were totally worth it to follow her dreams.

“If it’s is the right path and if you know it then it doesn’t really matter what people say.”

The two years she spent living in Japan were a defining moment in her life. It is a big part of the inspiration for her art; there is a simplicity in the way that the Japanese create that she can really relate to.

For Tiffany, graphic design is a method of communication that needs to be crafted to get your message across. While not as abstract as a painting can be, good design is something that can be cherished in the same way.

While each person’s craft may be different, we are all pieces of a puzzle and we are all adding something to our world.

Tiffany feels that while having the support of her husband and her friends is great, she would still be doing what she loves anyway. After fighting to change her major she knows that this is what she should be doing.

The virtual community that the internet has created is something that Tiffany loves being part of. You are never really working alone. There is support and critique for your work even when you are working from home.

Creating, for so many of us, is just something that we have to do. It’s not a choice but a necessity.

Tiffany has reminded me that sometimes we just have to take that leap to do what we love because it is always worth it in the end.

Do you feel that too?

Thanks Tiffany! Visit her website, blog and shop!

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