where craftiness comes from: the desire within

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Over the past few months as I have explored where craftiness comes from, I have realized that, while our craftiness can be influenced by others, it is our own desire to create that really makes things possible.

Everyone I have interviewed has come from a different upbringing; some went to art school, some did not. Some found their passion from the generations before them and others were inspired by their children.

The one thing that links them all is their creative drive.

As I have gone through my own creative journey, I have noticed that it is as much what I learned as a child and the support around me, as it is my own desire to just create.

Without the desire to create, projects would never get launched and boundaries would never be pushed. Every one of the creative people that I talked to had to listen to what they really wanted and had to push to make it come true.

No matter where you’re at with your craftiness – hobby or business, new or veteran – there are always going to be days where you need to trust the process and work through.

Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking that everything needs to be done yesterday and that we much share our craftiness as quickly as possible. But if we stop for a moment to see where we are right now, we can revel in the gift that is our creativity.

If writing this column has taught me one thing it’s that creativity shows up differently in everyone. We all have creative talents, even if we haven’t quite worked out how to harness them yet. Not everyone needs to make money from their craft to make it fulfilling, they just have to want to start and to finish.

Do you think so, too?

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