Where Craftiness Comes From: The Bonds That Bind Us

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The more I explore the topic of where craftiness comes from, the more I realize that it’s not just where craftiness comes from but why we are drawn to creating.

There is a special bond that is formed through creativity that I have rarely seen anywhere else.

Whether it be learning from a family member, taking a class, or even purchasing a hand crafted product, we are forever linked through that creativity.

Links and similarities are something that most of us seek out, even through our individuality. We form closer connections with people who are like us. We are drawn to those who share and support.

As much as creating itself is a beautiful thing, it is often the connections made as a result of the creating that we remember. The times we spent with grandma learning to knit; that amazing art teacher who opened our eyes to something new; the email of thanks from an ecstatic buyer who loves what we created for them.

In a world where we can spend much of our lives in our homes behind the computer screen, connection is something that we still cherish.

While the definitions may have moved with the times, the need and desire is still alive and well. It doesn’t matter where you came from or what your background is, craft links us together as one group, one community. It’s something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

When it comes down to it, it’s the memories that we create, more than the craft itself. The original piece that we made may be long gone and still we remember those times. It’s the friendships that are born, whether it be with the people in our neighborhood or thos who are thousands of miles away, that we reminisce on.

Remembering where our craftiness comes from and where it has taken us is an amazing thing. I believe we are lucky to have it as part of our lives.

Do you feel the same way too?

One thought on “Where Craftiness Comes From: The Bonds That Bind Us

  1. I do feel that way. I love that I am no longer separated from the end product the way I was with my previous office jobs. When I was a legal assistant I helped prep my lawyers for meeting and trials but I was never a part of those things. In fact, I rarely even met our clients. That disconnect makes the work so much less satisfying. Now, I dream up a garter, buy the materials, put time and effort into it, hold the finished product, and, if I’m lucky, send it off to make someone else feel happy.

    On the flip side – I love buying artisan crafted things. I like that my house is filling up with stories instead of just things. I love that I can appreciate the time and love that went into making my things (and their stories).

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