where craftiness comes from: sarah early

Sarah Early is a talented designer from Charleston, SC, a Southern girl born and raised. We recently spoke about where her craftiness comes from.

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Sarah is the creator and the brains behind the gorgeous stationery and design label Dodeline Design.

Coming from a family that strongly encouraged creativity from a young age, Sarah spent her childhood borrowing craft books from the library and creating all sorts of things, from macrame to painting and all that’s in between. Her dad would work for hours in the garage working on cars or construction projects which Sarah would watch.

Sarah’s mom, who likes to craft, and her aunt, who would draw with her for hours and hours when she was a child, have both certainly influenced Sarah’s decision to follow a creative path and become a full time designer. Interestingly, she didn’t take much art in school as she focussed on getting the grades she needed to get into college. Because of that, many people at her high school were surprised when Sarah went to art school.

Sometimes with all the encouragement in the world, we still need to push ourselves to create the life that we want.

That’s certainly how Sarah felt. Having focused on academics for so long during high school it was a big switch into art school life. It was with the encouragement of family and friends that she made it through.

While she tried a lot of different crafts, Sarah knew early on that design, and not traditional fine art, was for her. She still experiments with other media, keeping them separate from her business and just for fun.

When it comes to running your own business, a support network is vital.

It doesn’t really matter who is in your network, they will help you to get the perspective that you need.

Being an entrepreneur is so hard… One minute it’s a massive high and it’s wonderful, and the other minute you’re down in the dumps because something didn’t go right or you can’t please everyone no matter how badly you want to. I need that support network to pull me back to center and say, you’re fine, you can do this, everyone has bad days, start over tomorrow.
– Sarah Early

For Sarah, having friends in the craft and design community makes it easier. They understand the day-to-day struggles that come with being a creative and can relate. On top of that she has the support of her family and her fiance, who are always there.

Following our dreams is not as easy as it may seem to those on the other side of the fence, but as we have seen from Sarah and all of the creatives interviewed for this column, it is possible and they do so with the help of a great community of support.

No matter who it is that’s cheering you on, there is someone who loves what you do and can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Do you feel that too?

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  1. I love this post–what you say about needing to find and surround yourself with that support network is so important! Most small creative businesses are isolated in their studio/home office/garage/etc. and reaching out and building your own group of *colleagues* is so positive!


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