where craftiness comes from: ruby star

Ruby Star has been surrounded by craft and creativity her whole life. When I talked with her recently, we discussed how it has influenced her.

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Ruby comes from a Defense family and grew up all over Australia. As an adult, she also married into a Defense family and is now living in North Queensland.

Whilst Ruby feels that she was never encouraged to pursue her creativity by her family, she does feel that it is in her genes. With her mother sewing costumes and her grandmother and her aunt creating all the time, it was always going to be something that she eventually did.

Ruby learned how to sew in high school, where they taught her to smock a christening gown and delicates. The first thing she created for herself as an adult was her wedding gown after not being able to find anything she loved in the shops.

Ruby came from a childhood that was full of creating for love, but when her cousin was having a baby a couple of years ago, she realized that there was no one left to create something special just for the new baby. To make sure he wasn’t left out she made her first quilt as a welcoming present. Her creativity grew from there.

Creating for love is an experience that can’t be compared. It is not like any other feeling.

Ruby feels that there is a great community that comes from crafting. She believes that there is nothing quite like being able to discuss your craft with someone who understands, and loves the support that the creative community gives.

Ruby is passionate about handmade. While she mainly creates for family and friends, she is hoping to have her own online shop too. Handmade for her is adding a little part of “you” to the design. She feels that you have to let go of perfectionism in handmade.

It is the small mistakes or design changes are part of what makes handmade so special. You are what makes the project unique. Being crafty is about sharing you with the world. Creativity is such an individual thing. It makes us think. It puts us in control.

While we are all part of something much bigger, it is that individuality that makes craftiness so fascinating. It is how we choose to create as much as what we create. The more I ask the question about where craftiness comes from, the more I begin to realize that it is not only from our families but it is from within our hearts and minds.

Is that something you can relate to?

Thanks Ruby! Visit Ruby’s Blog to learn more about her and her work.

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  1. Dannielle, I love this series from you. So interesting to see what others makers have to say about craftiness and where the drive comes from. You’re absolutely right : it’s not a matter of when, why or where we finally realize that we are crafty. It’s the fact that we have a passion, a need, to make things that connects us.

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