where craftiness comes from: molly o’bryon-welpott

Molly O’Bryon-Welpott is a mother, wife and photographer from rural Pennsylvania. Recently, we caught up to discuss where she feels her craftiness comes from.

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Molly is the artist behind the beautiful fine art photography business Molly’s Muses.

Molly came from a family where creativity wasn’t something that everyone did. She did love to spend her childhood creating with fashion plates, spirographs, and latch hook kits, which kept her craftiness shining. Once she got to high school it showed itself in a different form: music, drama, and – most importantly – the camera club.

She thought that her journey would take a different path when she reached college, initially studying psychology. But everything changed when a roommate came home with a steel canister for developing film. Molly went to the college dark room and she was hooked.

I came home for Christmas, got a camera and being naive, called the photojournalism department at the University and said, I want to work for National Geographic Magazine, so can I enroll in your classes?
– Molly O’Bryon-Wellpott

Photography became a big part of Molly’s life after that. She worked as a wedding and portrait photographer when she was first married, but after some time she realized that photography as art was where she wanted to be. She traded all of that in to work part-time as a bail bond agent and to work part-time on her love of photography. In April this year she was able to leave her job to focus solely on her photography.

Molly has support from not only her family but also the local and online communities. She feels like that support is imperative; it makes all the difference to being able to do what she loves.

Doing what you love doesn’t always come down to how creative you were as a child. Sometimes it’s the fire inside that ensures you will follow a creative path.

I believe this is true for each one of us. We all come from different circumstances, but, as Molly shows us, we will get to our creative path one way or another. Sometimes paths aren’t as straight as we would like, but the journey allows us experiences we might not have had otherwise.

Don’t you think so?

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