where craftiness comes from: meghan and benoit devinat

Meghan & Benoit Devinat are a husband and wife team that met at Rhode Island School of Design. I caught up with them to find out where their craftiness comes from.

fuchsia ruffle hoop earrings in sterling silver by studio devinat click image for more info

Meghan, a jeweler, & Benoit, an industrial designer, have combined their strengths and have created their first line of beautiful jewelry under the brand Studio Devinat.

Meghan knew from a very young age that she wanted to be an artist. Her creative future was shaped largely from being surrounded by creative concepts through her father’s architectural firm and the support that she received from her family.

Benoit, originally from France, spent his childhood living all over the world and exploring all of the different cultures that he was exposed to. His family were always supportive of creativity, though it was his high school councilor, in China, who suggested he look into RISD.

Even though they came from completely different backgrounds and parts of the world, Meghan & Benoit have successfully brought the best parts of their creativity together to design and create stunning jewelry.

It is a beautiful moment when two creative minds can collaborate on something that is not only visually appealing but functional, too.

When it came to choosing what creative path they would each follow, it was much easier for Benoit then for Meghan.

I have to say that after getting to know Benoit in school & spending so much time in the ID studios, I really questioned if I had chosen the ‘right’ major. But as he pointed out to me, there was no need to stop with just one path; the skills & disciplines we were perfecting could be applied across so many mediums. It’s bits of advice like that that also define our immense amount of support for each other.
-Meghan Devinat

When it comes to working as a team, they both focus on the areas of design that they prefer. Meghan works with the metal designs, handmaking the silver models and the fabric patterns, and Benoit works on the computer files for the laser cutting as well as the laser cutting process itself. They may work closely together but they are each able to work to their creative strengths and enjoy the process.

Meghan & Benoit were the first couple I have spoken to jointly about where their craftiness comes from. In talking with them I have been reminded that sometimes the best creations can come from collaboration and joint determination and love of the process of creativity.

While it is amazing to be able to create solo, having a partner who understands the process wholeheartedly can be special, too.

Do you think so, too?

Thanks, Meghan & Benoit! Find them here: Website – Shop – Twitter Facebook

2 thoughts on “where craftiness comes from: meghan and benoit devinat

  1. I think you are right, Danielle. A partnership is a wonderful thing. I think one of the most important things to note about Meghan and Benoit is that they work at the same craft but in different specialties. In other words, they complement each other. A lot of partnerships go sour because the individuals are too much alike in personality or both have the same primary talent. What’s that saying about too many cooks in the kitchen? Special products are born from special bonds but only if everyone is offering a different ingredient (perspective, specialty, background, technique).

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