where craftiness comes from: meagan visser

Meagan Visser is a stay to home mom from East Tennessee in the Southern Appalachian Mountains who believes in healthy and natural living. Recently I found out where her craftiness comes from.

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Meagan has put her passion for eco friendly living to good use in her business Baby Swank.

She is constantly looking for ways to do things more naturally and more eco friendly and more healthy for herself and her family, and this has led to her creating a line of all natural products for babies and children.

Meagan believes that her craftiness is built on the heritage and culture that surround the Appalachian Mountains and have been an inspiration to her. It is that influence and her desire to learn more skills that drove her to where she is today.

Having small children has allowed Meagan to see what is most important to her, and it has influenced the way that she thinks about the world. Her business enables her to share what she has discovered with others and to give people options to make the best choices for their families.

Handmade gives us a unique opportunity not only to share what we have learned, but also to educate and encourage others about the options available.

While Meagan’s business doesn’t focus on one specific craft, she uses her many talents and encompasses them all under the one brand. For Meagan, this means that she can always be working to her strengths and enjoying creating something new. It is about making something that will enrich someone else’s life.

Having a great support network both from her family and friends as well as online has only strengthened Meagan’s creativity. It is this encouragement that helps to drive her desire to create and is something that she feeds off.

Sometimes it is as much what we create as it is who we create for.

That special connection that handmade gives to both the creator and to the final recipient is the thing that Meagan loves the most about creating. While you may not know that person by name, you will be forever linked by the care and attention that was put into creating the product.

The more that I interview people like Meagan about their craftiness, the more I see that connections are a large part of why we create. It’s not always direct or simple but it pulls us in and keeps us creating even on those days where it might not be so easy.

Is that something you can relate to?

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2 thoughts on “where craftiness comes from: meagan visser

  1. Yah Meagan! I think most moms who create can relate to this article- our eyes are opened more when we have kids, and it’s natural to want to enrich their lives. Great post!

  2. I agree. It wasn’t until I started having kids and worrying about their environment that I started looking for ways to make their lives healthier. Since then, I have realized the financial gains of homemade things and have started making things, not only for my family, but for my friends and their kids as well. Not only do I make things new, I upcycle so many things, turning my husband’s an my old clothes into new clothes and blankets for our smaller counterparts!

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