where craftiness comes from: marlene bockler

Marlene Bockler is a wife and mother who is a project manager by day and jewelry designer by night. I caught up with her recently to find out where her craftiness comes from.

my story bracelet by simon and lucy click image for more info

Marlene is the designer behind the jewelry brand Simon and Lucy, named after her two children.

Her mother was a big influence on her early creativity, always sewing her and her dolls clothes, taking her to craft shows and to art classes. She taught Marlene how to cross stitch at a very young age and has kept every piece that Marlene stitched. Marlene also found her own brand of creativity in high school in writing for the school paper and later becoming editor in chief.

These days her inspiration comes from her husband and her children. Marlene married her college sweetheart and they created so much history together. It was this history and her mother showing her how to metal stamp that started her ‘My Story’ Collection: her first charm bracelet of the names and dates that meant something special to her.

There’s something so sweet about creating a reminder of those special times in our lives and having it handcrafted into something that we can cherish.

It is collating these special moments for someone that is at the heart of Marlene’s business and something that she loves doing. Tthe stories and the individuality of the recipient make each piece that she hand stamps unique. Her family encouraged her to find a hobby and it is with their help that it has grown into the business that it is today.

Marlene’s mother is still her biggest supporter and has helped her not only to find that creativity that she had as a child, but also to assist her in building her business – she joined in to create the latest collection, ‘Me and Mom.’ Family is a big part of Marlene’s business and they are what keep her going on this journey.

Marlene has reminded me that sometimes it’s our history that shapes our future and sometimes it’s the things we do for fun that turn into something so much bigger than we ever expected.

Is that something you feel too?

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  1. Love Marlene’s work and having the pleasure of getting to know her recently. Such an inspiration and all around great mom, wife, and friend.

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