where craftiness comes from: liz pund

Liz Pund is a web and print designer from St. Louis, Missouri. Recently I had the chance to talk to her about where her craftiness comes from.

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Liz is the brains and the designer behind the design business Blue Canary.

Creative was encouraged when Liz was a child. She remembers that she and her brother both had their own “craft boxes” that held an array of things to create with, from crayons and beads to glitter and pinecones. She recalls creating things on the kitchen table with friends and baking homemade play dough in the oven.

Liz also took art and music classes outside the home. Some of them, like music, she participated in right up until college.

Despite all of this creative upbringing, Liz didn’t consider herself an artist until quite recently. For her, web design was a process that she taught herself, always learning something new on each project that she undertook.

Sometimes it’s the learning process that’s what draws us to our particular craft, bringing with it a sense of achievement when we master a skill or have that ‘aha’ moment.

In addition to web design, Liz took some classes on design to increase her knowledge and confidence, which opened her eyes to the world of graphic design and typography. She saw the beauty that can come from good design, and it has stuck with her ever since.

“While I tried out a variety of jobs/careers in office settings, I found that I still kept looking for opportunities to make websites and other design materials for people, either within my job or outside of it in my personal life. And so finally this year I decided it was time to take those skills seriously and focus my work on it.”
Liz Pund

In talking with Liz and through my own creative pursuits, I have realized that the act of learning new techniques is as important to creativity and craftiness as the skills that we already have. It’s about growing with your creativity and enjoying it along the way.

Do you agree?

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  1. It is such an honor to be interviewed for one of the websites that inspired me to make the jump to full-time with my creative pursuits. Dannielle, thank you for sharing my story. I hope some people will identify with my experience and understand that there is no one formula for building career around a craft – we each take our own path!

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