where craftiness comes from: lindsay farrer

Lindsay Farrer is a jewelry designer and photographer from the southern US. Recently we chatted about where her craftiness comes from.

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Lindsay channels her passion for jewelry and photography into her business, Simon and Ruby.

There is something in the way that she can bring emphasis to those details that you might not otherwise notice. She loves creating a whole feeling in each shot, to share what she sees with you.

Similarly, with Lindsay’s jewelry it’s the composition in each piece, the way that the colors come together to create something that is beautiful and wearable. It is being able to create something from scratch.

Lindsay’s craftiness comes from her family to an extent. Her grandmother and great-grandmother were seamstresses and both sets of grandparents worked with stained glass. But it was her uncle who introduced her to an art teacher and got her into painting when she was young.

Lindsay feels that while her family influenced how she looks at color, it was her art teacher who helped to define who she is as an artist.

She feels that she was encouraged to pursue her creativity. Her father didn’t really understand it but always tried to nourish it. Her mother is also supportive, with their joint love of jewelry bringing them closer together.

It is that notion that we have supportive people around us, even though they don’t quite understand what we do, that I think so many of us can relate to.

Having left her day job a month ago to work on Simon and Ruby full time, Lindsay feels that it is her support network of family and friends that has gotten her here. While the drive is always there, it is her supporters who give her the confidence and that little push to follow her dreams.

The support networks we build are what help us to not give up. To push through those hard days so we can be there for the good.

The thing Lindsay loves most about her craft and the handmade world is that every day is different. There are so many facets to what she does, it’s hard to get bored. There is always something unexpected, something different to do.

I think it is in embracing these unexpected moments of working as part of the handmade world that allows us to be truly creative. We create our world and it shapes around us.

Is that something you can relate to?

Thanks Lindsay! Visit her website and blog.

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  1. Dannielle, this is such a great write-up. Lindsay, I can totally relate to what you’re saying about having a support structure. I don’t know what I’d do without my friends and family being so supportive of me! I’m still so happy for you to be working on Simon and Ruby full time.

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