where craftiness comes from: lakshmi

Lakshmi is an architect and mother of two, living in Australia but originally from India. Recently, we caught up to discuss where her craftiness comes from.

pink and white petals by studiolakshmi - click image for more info

Lakshmi is the artist behind Studio Lakshmi, where she shares her beautiful paintings.

Her earliest memory of being creative is as a child, when she created “goodbye cards” for all her friends when her family moved states within India. Her family were always supportive of her creativity, allowing her all the resources that she could need to express herself through art. Even when she chose to study architecture they supported her choice.

Creativity has always been a part of Lakshmi’s life. She has always drawn, sketched, and painted. But it was her experience at grad school in the USA where she was really inspired by design.

“I think the biggest influence would have to be my experience at grad school. Being in the college of design, I was constantly surrounded by art majors in all design fields, interior designers, architects, graphic designers. There would be art projects in every nook and cranny. It fueled my creativity in architecture, but I am positive some of the influence shows up in my art.”
– Lakshmi

Painting is very therapeutic for Lakshmi; it is something that allows her to express herself. I think that this is something many can relate to, no matter your craft.

We all have some form of expression in our lives, something that allows us to relax and just to be in that moment.

Lakshmi has reminded me of this. What painting does for her may show itself differently in you or me, but it’s still within each of us.

Don’t you think so, too?

Thanks, Lakshmi! Visit her here: shopwebsitefacebooktwitter

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  1. What this article doesn’t say is what a genuinely lovely, kind and beautiful woman she is. I had the pleasure of meeting Lakshmi at the Etsy stall of the recent Sydney Finder’s Keepers markets.

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