where craftiness comes from: kelsey golden

Kelsey Golden is a creator and Kansas native living in Myrtle Beach, SC with her husband, dog, and two cats. We recently spoke about where her craftiness comes from.

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Kelsey is the designer and maker behind the colorful and modern pet bed & accessories business Pipsqueak & Petunia.

Creativity runs in Kelsey’s family, with each member focusing on a different craft. Her father restores classic cars; her mother creates jewelry, mosaics and greeting cards; and her brothers are also creative in their own ways. Being home schooled from fourth grade allowed for creating whilst learning.

At the end of a study on Holland, we painted tiles in the style of Delftware. I also remember making a necklace out of gold safety pins and black and red seed beads to resemble something Nefertiti had worn. I remember thinking at the time that it was really amazing.
-Kelsey Golden

When she was eleven Kelsey’s mother enrolled her in a 4-H sewing class, though at the time it didn’t work out. She looks back on that now and realizes that she was in too much of a hurry. But, when her husband bought her a sewing machine as a birthday gift a few years ago, things were different and she has been sewing obsessively ever since.

Sometimes we just need to trust that the people around us can sense what we are meant to be doing before we can.

Kelsey feels that her mother and husband must have seen something in her that she didn’t even see for herself. This time around she has learned to slow down and take her time. She feels like her work is all the better for that.

Kelsey reminds me that part of creating is actually slowing down and letting our ideas flow.

Creativity teaches us not to rush through every part of our lives and just to be in the moment with what we are doing right now. Our lives can be so full of things that need to be done now that taking the time to let it come naturally is sometimes lost or forgotten. But, creating something ourselves can change that, even for just a little while.

Do you notice that, too?

Thanks, Kelsey! Visit her: blog – shop – twitter – facebook

2 thoughts on “where craftiness comes from: kelsey golden

  1. I couldn’t agree more that true creativity cannot be rushed.

    This, however, can be very frustrating during the in-between times; either between idea inception or total lack of idea to realization. But Kelsey is right, creativity happens when we simply slow down.

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