where craftiness comes from: kell rowe

Kell Rowe is a talented photographer from Perth, Australia. Recently we spoke about where she feels her craftiness comes from.

photography and prints by blackcurrant photography - photo supplied

Kell is the brains behind Blackcurrant Photography.

She started taking photos from a young age, receiving her first camera at age 8, and continued to take photos throughout high school. Kell then took an exclusive photography course after high school at one of the top schools in Australia. She drifted away from photography after entering the corporate world, but came back to it some years later.

Kell feels that her craftiness and creativity come from her mother. Her mother was always creating things for Kell and her siblings including all of their birthday cakes throughout their childhood. Her mother also created 3D name tiles and sold them at markets and galleries when her children were young.

Whilst still in high school, Kell ran the school newspaper and, with the support of her parents, transferred to a specialist art high school when she was in 10th grade. She was attracted to the media studies program they offered, which included television and radio stations. It was at this school that Kell realized that photography was going to be part of her future.

A couple of years ago, after deciding to leave the corporate world, Kell went back to school to study photography once more. While she was studying she started her business selling her photography prints online and offering artistic portraits.

Photography is a way of life for me. It’s not something that I can just give up…

Kell has reminded me that when there is something that we are truly drawn to at a young age, we often come back to it repeatedly, until it’s the right time to truly incorporate that into who we are now and who we are meant to be.

Don’t you think so?

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3 thoughts on “where craftiness comes from: kell rowe

  1. This is so true. I was talking with a therapist to sort out the whole “what do I do with my career/passions” dilemma and she said that what we’re interested in as children stays with us our entire lives. It doesn’t mean we necessarily make it our careers, though we often do when the time is right as you said, but if you’re really obsessed with dinosaurs when you’re a child, chances are you’ll still get pretty excited to see fossils of them at a museum as an adult. You might not be a paleontologist, but that interest never fades.

    Same with music, art, building things, fashion, animals, you name it.

    Our interests grow and we add new ones as we grow, but our childhood passions stay lodged in there somewhere. I thought it was pretty interesting!

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