where craftiness comes from: kashoan ward

Kashoan Ward is a crafter, wife, and mom from Nebraska. Recently I talked to her about where her craftiness comes from.

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Kashoan puts her love of words and anything vintage into her business, KraftyKash, where she creates vintage dictionary and world traveller pendants.

For Kashoan, her craftiness started in kindergarten, while painting a ceramic dog for her mother. She still remembers choosing the colors and carving her name in the base. She was so proud of what she had created.

Creativity surrounded her from a young age, from what she created at school to the gifts that she received from her grandmother (who was very talented on the sewing machine). Every year Kashoan’s grandmother would create her something new for the holidays.

During her teens, Kashoan, like so many of us, felt that craft was boring and not cool, but she has grown to love it again as an adult. She now enjoys knitting in her free time and creating her pendants for her business with her husband and children.

For some of us, creating just becomes part of what we do, something that we make a family activity.

There is a sense of support that you get when your family not only take interest in what you are creating but start to create it with you. Not only are they cheering you on with their words but with their actions too. This is certainly the case for Kashoan.

I could not be who I am today without the love and support of my family. My business is a success because everyone helps.

When it comes to what Kashoan loves about her craft, it is her customers who inspire her. She loves it when they come to her with a word that is special to them that they want in a pendant. It is their reason for choosing that word that inspires her to be a better person.

It’s not always easy to pinpoint what it is about creating that we cherish so much; sometimes it’s only for us to know. But there is a beauty in being able to share what we love to do with the people we care about most and to put it out there for the world to see.

Is that something you feel, too?

Thanks, Kashoan! Visit her: BlogShopTwitter

5 thoughts on “where craftiness comes from: kashoan ward

  1. Kashoan is an awesome crafter and an awesome friend! I think it’s great that her business has really taken off! Thanks for doing this feature on her!

  2. Love this! “For some of us, creating just becomes part of what we do, something that we make a family activity.” So true. My husband and daughter have become involved in my business. It just works so much better that way.

  3. What a wonderful gift to give your kids! When my daughter and I spend time being creative on our own projects (she draws and I play with fire and metal) our home becomes such a peaceful, healing space. Thanks for reminding us how important that is.

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