where craftiness comes from: erin mcintosh

Erin McIntosh is a designer, full-time editor, tea fanatic and bookworm from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Recently we caught up to discuss where she feels her craftiness comes from.

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Erin is the designer and creator behind the delightful accessories business Dear Edna.

There is a strong line of crafty women in Erin’s family. Her grandmother was well known for her quilting skills and also made baby clothes for her grandchildren, and her aunts made many dolls clothes for her. Erin’s mother is known for her crochet and allowed Erin to learn the sewing machine from a very young age.

For Erin there was never a need to wonder if she would be supported in her creative endeavors, as her family were always supportive of her being crafty. Erin didn’t follow a straight path from high school into her creative business but found it again after going to college and also spending time living overseas. It was something that was always there, and eventually the time was right to make it a bigger part of her life.

I think sewing was my first love, for sure. It is only recently that I’ve become really interested in learning new crafts, such as screen printing, needlepoint, and crochet, and I find myself struggling now to find ways to incorporate these new passions into my busy life and my work.
– Erin McIntosh

Sometimes there is just one thing that we love to create with and it is easy for us to stick with that, but often, like Erin, there are so many creative outlets that we could learn and spend our time exploring. We naturally migrate to what we are good at and what we enjoy.

Erin has reminded me that the great thing about craft and creativity is that there are so many forms, there is literally something for everyone.

We can’t all be great at the same things, but there is an opportunity for each of us to find something that we can create with and delight in.

Do you agree?

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