where craftiness comes from: erin giles

Erin Giles is an Ohio native whose craftiness didn’t really appear until she was laid off from her job. I spoke with Erin about where her craftiness comes from.

hand painted geometric necklace by elegant girl click image for more info

Erin is the brains behind Elegant Girl. She creates chic hand painted, upcycled jewelry. Bringing new life to old spoons in the form of necklaces.

Growing up it was her aunt, who she considers a ‘crochet queen,’ that she feels was most influential. Erin took the conventional route at college and studied event management at grad school. During this time she organized fashion shows, ran a boutique, and began creating jewelry on the side.

After being laid off Erin started creating as an outlet for all the frustrations from being unemployed having to leave her home state. It is from this experience that she realized that she has always gone back to craft as a way of turning her frustrations into something productive.

Creating can have a true calming effect.

We become so in tune with what we are creating that the other things that are troubling us float away. Even just for a moment.

That is where we feel the true power of craft. Whether it is for profit or for fun. It is the process and the concentration on one thing that allows us some focus even when things aren’t going according to plan in other areas of our lives.

Even though Erin now works full time, her craft is still an important part of her life and one that she would like to do full time one day. For her, creating is a process. When she thinks about where she will be in two years she sees her creativity evolving from one craft to another until she finds that one where she feels completely submerged.

As we grow and change so will our crafts and our businesses. The beauty of creativity and craft is that we are not confined to one forever, but are able to change and grow in a way that works for us.

When it comes to support, Erin finds hers from her husband and the online community. While her family and friends don’t necessarily understand why her craft is important, her husband gives her the support that she needs.

When Erin mentioned the online community, I could instantly relate. We creatives who embrace the online world are able to reap the benefits that many others don’t. It allows us to find the people who understand us and our journey without the need to explain ourselves and our actions.

I think it is in being a part of that community, which is a global one, that allows us to grow in ways that we may never have imagined and to know people in parts of the world we have never been. It makes the world a less scary place and somewhere you can always find support.

Is that something you can relate to?

Thanks, Erin! Find her here: BlogEtsyTwitter

6 thoughts on “where craftiness comes from: erin giles

  1. I agree the beauty of creativity is that it allows us to try many things not just one! Great article! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes! I’m in love with the idea of being able to grow, change, and evolve as a business as you learn more about where you want to go – to me, working with your surroundings and focusing your talents into something you want to explore is the true meaning of creativity.

    I also love Erin’s shop and how she turned a negative experience into something really positive – I’m happy to have met her through the online/Etsy community. Really great post, thank you Erin, Dannielle, & Tara :)

  3. Danielle- You are so right:)!

    Katrina- Life is about growing right?!? So why stick with one thing your whole life…that would just be boring:) Unless that is what you are head over heels in love with. I suppose I am a bit add at times with crafts:) I am so happy to meet you too! My online friends Rock!

  4. Love the idea that our art changes with time. I am not the same person I was twenty years ago so it is only natural that my art would change as well. I really don’t like production work so I make a few of something then move onto something else. Just like the seasons, at times I circle back but with a new twist.

  5. What you and Erin say about creating stuff is so true. My “job” is as full-time carer for my disabled husband: making cuddly soft toys is my way of coping – and escaping, usually in the evenings. Thanks for the post and, hopefully, once I’ve worked it out, I hope you’ll join me on my blog at http://www.ColdhamCuddlies.blogspot.com. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

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