where craftiness comes from: christina birchler

Christina Birchler is a maker and a craft teacher. Her craftiness is ingrained in her being. It is just part of who she is.

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Christina draws her inspiration from the materials that she works with, visualizing a new life for them. It is as much the making process as it is the finished product.

“I can get lost and the time stands still whenever I visit a place which sells materials that gets me inspired. I look at it, I feel it and my imagination and creativity starts ‘making’ something. Whether it’s fabric, yarn, plastic sheeting, tubing, leather, beads, buckles, buttons, zips … just about anything, I wonder what I could make with it.”

Christina’s mother taught her how to knit at just 6 years old and she has never stopped knitting. Textiles was her favorite subject at school and she was drawn into teaching it from those early days. She started teaching over 20 years ago and still enjoys it.

“I love craft and I love teaching it. The smiles on people’s faces regardless of their age when they master a new skill are priceless. The joy and satisfaction of having watched a project come together and applied various problem solving skills is obvious.”

Christina believes that being crafty is a precious gift. Her craft goes with her wherever she does. She will even create when she is watching her boys play sports.

Her family have always supported her and they love what she makes. The birthday parties for her boys were always popular as the kids knew that they would have a craft session and they would be able to make something.

She doesn’t sell what she makes, though people often ask. She will create special gifts for friends, but her passion is in teaching others the power of craft and the ability to create.

I wonder if, as creators, we are all drawn to teaching and sharing our craft with others? Like Christina, we want to share our craftiness with others in a way that others can also benefit. What do you think?

Thank you Christina! Find out more about her classes.

2 thoughts on “where craftiness comes from: christina birchler

  1. Hi Christina,

    I am desperate to find someone to repair an old crochet baby blanket. It belonged to my little brother and is over 30 years old. There are 5 holes where the threading has come loose. I would like to give it to his unborn baby girl due in a month. Is this something you would consider or could you possibly know anyone willing to give it a go?

    Cheers, Siobhan Kerin

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