When Life Flows

"Gone Swimmin'" - Letting life flow can lead to perfect summer days.
Gone swimmin’. Letting life flow can lead to perfect summer days.

I struggled with what I was going to write this week.

With apologies to those who thought my writing was entirely altruistic, usually I tap into something that’s been on my mind or a particular issue I’m dealing with that needs processing. Oddly, nothing stands out at the moment.

I’m surprised because the past two weeks have been full to the brim:

There have been leaps and bounds through artistic and entrepreneurial comfort zones, putting my art and my thoughts out there for others to see and consume, receiving feedback and celebrating successes along the way.

There has been illness, death, and time spent with family.

There have been walks in the woods, the delight of fresh market veggies and my first time ever indulging in a macaroon (lavender apricot, an intoxicating ambush to the taste buds in the best of ways!).

There has been journaling, sitting, and dealing with disappointment; reading, birdwatching, and spontaneous dancing in the kitchen (a little Miles Davis anyone?).

Simply put, there’s been life.

Sometimes life doesn’t single out one particular thing to be noticed, but compiles everything into one beautiful, cohesive whole that flows.

I guess that’s what I needed to write about today: how when we let it, life flows.

Let life flow.

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