what’s your story?

This is a guest post by Brandy Walker.

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For some time now, I’ve been obsessed with the power of Story.

I’m talking magnetic, raw, life-changing power. The kind of power that takes your breath away and leaves you flushed. It can bring a grown man to his knees and make a little girl giggle with delight. And the most fascinating thing is that each of us possesses our own little piece of this power.

Everyone has a story.

Sadly, most of it goes untapped. We’ll use 10% of our story, and bury the rest – convinced that no one really cares.

But they do! And to demonstrate, I’ll use a pithy little anecdote from last week.

My family and I lived out of hotels all last month. My husband joined the Army this past fall and just got orders for his first duty station. The entire journey – from broken down cars to not getting paid – has been an uphill battle. To top it off, I’m pregnant, which, as you can imagine, makes everything just a tad more difficult (mostly because I’m stubborn and loathe having to ask for help with our luggage every couple of days when we have to switch hotels and my husband is at work and I can’t lift the suitcases by myself).

Last Wednesday, I had a mini-meltdown. After finding out that we wouldn’t be able to get into our new place for yet another couple of days, and that the movers with all of our furniture wouldn’t be able to come for days after that – I burst into tears. To console myself, I waddled over to the coffee shop across the street. My eyes were still red when it was my turn to order.

“How are you today, ma’am?” Asked the pleasant barista.

I hesitated, faltered, and realized I was incapable of offering the standard, “Fine, how are you?”

“I’m awful! Heh, I’m sure you don’t care,” I self-deprecated, “But life’s too short and the day has been too crappy for niceties. My family and I just moved here and we’ve been living out of hotels for the past month. It’s just been one thing after another, you know?”

She smiled apologetically and took my order. Her kind face eased my pain somehow. I realized that, actually, she did care. She handled me a bag with the cake pop I had ordered. When I found a table, I peeked inside. To my surprise, there were two!

That simple gesture affected me deeply. I had shared a piece of myself with a stranger, and she had used her resources to make my day a little brighter. That’s power. And that’s what I hope to be about every day. It is the heart of my business.

At my core, I am a dreamer. And my current dream is to harness the power of story and use it to fight modern slavery, earn a living for myself, and teach people from all walks of life how to do the same (and hopefully much more). With my blog as my main platform and words as my tools of choice, I know I have ventured down an exciting rabbit hole.

So tell me, what’s your story?

Brandy Walker is a writer, a speaker, a spoken word artist and a modern day abolitionist. She is fascinated with living a life that truly sparkles and wants to inspire others to do the same. She blogs at brandyglows.com and tweets at @brandyglows.

12 thoughts on “what’s your story?

    1. Thanks Cynthia. I appreciate your encouragement and I’m glad my post meant something to you. And yes – things are going a great deal better! We are finally moved in and getting comfy. It’s so nice to be able to cook my own food! :)

      PS. Your blog is beautiful!

  1. Yes, thank you for your story! I am working on getting mine out there…. It goes a little like this. I was raised in a Christian home, became a Christian, lived a sheltered life, rededicated my life to Christ, asked to be a vessel and an example, had an AVM (similar to an aneurysm), survived and recovered almost completely, went to college, married my true love, had a baby, moved from CA to med school in WV to residency in NY and worked 3 jobs and now AK….. And finally headed back to school to make something of myself.

    1. Wow – that’s quite a story! I’m kind of amazed that you were able to sum up your entire life story in a paragraph! If you’d be interested in sharing the longer version, or a piece of your story, I’m creating a story series on my blog – I could interview you or perhaps you could do a guest post.

  2. As a 70+ newbie blogger I wish you well – just keep on keeping your chin up! You’ll get there in the end: welcome to your new home! My story began is an Army brat too (British Indian Army one), but I left the army when I was 5 weeks old (Mum died 8 days after I arrived: Dad when I was 10 months old – while I had spent the time with an Aunt and Uncle until Dad was due to leave the Army – WW11 was in progress at the time!) They brought me up, I became a Secretary (Stenographer) worked in Uk, South Africa, Canada and for my husband and my company. We have two wonderful daughters, one married – but alas, most of my time is spent caring for husband, who is now disabled. We live in a lovely place for the retired mature and I keep my arthritic fingers moving doing my toys. The site is posted with this comment: I also blog at http://ColdhamCuddliescalling.com – where there are stories about my toys! Keep smiling! Isobel

    1. I love your cuddlies and I was moved by your story! Thank you for sharing. Would you be interested in sharing your story on my blog in a story series I’m working on?

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re able to cook your own food again! It’s amazing how tasks that seem like chores become comforts once they’re taken away from us. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that sometimes it’s hard to open up when a stranger or acquintance asks how we are. “Fine” seems like the answer everyone wants to hear so it becomes automatic. But part of being an artist is being vulnerable and letting others see who you are, mind, body, and soul. Even the crappy emotions. Quite often, it’s the ones we hate feeling that show the most beauty.

  4. I love your last sentence. So true! And yes, it is way comforting to be able to cook my own food – and healthy stuff for my family and the baby growing inside me. :)

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