What’s Your Rhythm?


It’s hard for me to write about productivity during the holidays. Come mid-November I tend to slow down and focus on the inner world, on what makes me – and us – tick. At least that’s what I’ve noticed these past few weeks.

It’s all part of discovering my rhythm.

Certain times of year bring certain types of energy my way. The spring prompts me to branch out into the new, while summer beckons slumber and ease. September brings me to hearth and home; November and December draw me inward.

By mid-December I’m usually itching to create vision boards and bubble charts, but I hold off, letting business ideas and projects percolate while I deck the halls and wrap the gifts. They will be transformed into specific plans and goals soon, after the holidays.

The moral of this story?

Energy and interests fluctuate throughout the year.

When we recognize these fluctuations, we can decide if we want to adapt our habits – work, play and rest – accordingly.

If we know that January and April are full of creative energy, we might choose to clear our plate during those months to fully engage in project work, while in the summer, we may choose to adapt or manage work expectations and embrace the ever-inviting hammock.

An urge to slow down in November may mean pulling out a few fail-proof productivity tools to make sure end of year business goals are met. Navigating a busy holiday season may mean implementing sacred self-care practices to get through it unscathed.

Once we are aware of these ongoing fluctuations, they may even become a rich resource, providing seasonal or cyclical inspiration for products or ideas we may otherwise not tap into.

As we increase awareness, it becomes easier to work within our natural annual rhythm, rather than fight it.

Have you ever noticed any patterns in your energy levels or interests throughout the year? If so, do you adjust your work, rest or play habits accordingly?

How could you could tap into your fluctuations for inspiration?

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