What’s your intention for the holidays?

Hi there! It’s Laura. I’ve been writing here at Scoutie Girl for about 9 months, and I’m excited to be bringing some videos over here as well!

I’m all about doing things with intention and consciousness.┬áSince the holidays are upon us, I thought I’d invite you to join me in setting an intention for the season. Nothing fancy, nothing mystical. Just a little trick that helps keep my head and my heart where I want it.

In the comments, tell us your intention for the holidays.

Gathering light,

13 thoughts on “What’s your intention for the holidays?

  1. Honestly, I just want to survive. This time of year means nothing (NOTHING) is where it is supposed to be – it is all out of place so I am out of sorts. My daughter’s out of school, we’re away from home, my clothes are in a suitcase instead of the closet, my meals come at odd times and contain odd things. It all adds up to a homicidal mood on my part and those who have to put up with me. So I intend to survive the holidays. If it goes well, I’ll try for “patience” next year.

  2. For me it’s just joy… Past few weeks (exactly 10 weeks because that’s how old is my son) have been difficult and not always really fun… So I just want to be able to enjoy the Holidays and have some fun even if I have a 24 hours responsibility…

    Happy Holidays to you Laura and to all the Scoutie girls!

  3. I’m a brandy new Scoutie Girl, thanks to Laura who turned me on to this group. My intention over the holidays is to savor the spirit of the holidays, feel the hope and joy and then put a little extra in my pocket and carry it into 2012. To not worry about being productive with my art and to gel and enjoy just being.

    Happy and Joy-Full Holidays to Scoutie Girls and everyone.

  4. I love this! My intentions are community and kindness. I’ll be away from my family this Christmas for the first time in my life. Focusing on the community I have here in L.A. and trying my best to be kind to others has really helped me cope with not being able to fly back East. Happy Holidays, everyone!

  5. My intentions this year are to be more confident in my self and in the things I do and create, I also want to become more pieced together… Meaning I would like to get my quilts finished and get myself moving forward one piece at a time. P. S. thanks for sharing your post, it was inspiring. I like how you use intentions.

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