What You Seek is Seeking You


No doubt you are familiar with this quote from Rumi. His words are all over the internet, beautifully illustrated and painted, pinned and shared, and it becomes easy to skim, like and move on.

I’ve been rolling this one around in my head like a marble lately; what you seek is seeking you. What does that mean? 

Here’s my interpretation. If you feel called, if you’re curious, if you keep returning to an idea, if you want something, if there’s something that won’t go away, it’s already in you

Thus, if you feel a tug to splash colours around a page, to plunge your hands into cold damp clay, to learn about how to take mesmerising photos, to pour your heart into hand lettering, that gift and ability is already within you. Dormant perhaps, but there.

If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be calling for attention. And doesn’t that perspective feel so much better than ‘I wish I could try out that class in printing onto fabric/using crystals for healing/chocolate making, but I’m not creative, I won’t be any good at it’?

What you seek is seeking you. It’s a part of you that wants you to bring it into being every bit as much as you want to do that.

If you keep returning to an idea, a dream, a thought, that’s because the seed of it is living inside you. The longer you wait, the louder it calls to be watered. It’s seeking you to bring it to life.

What inner seed of an idea is calling to you over and over lately? And how are you going to water it?

2 thoughts on “What You Seek is Seeking You

  1. Tara, thank you for a beautiful and inspiring blog post. It is so easy to let fear or past failures stop us from seeking, isn’t it? How wonderful to be reminded of the truth–that creativity is not a special gift given only to a select few but rather to everyone. It is in all of us. Believe it. Claim it. It’s seeking us, and all we have to do is reach out and answer the call. Thanks!! Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer, thank you! You put it beautifully. :) I had not thought about the way the past can be a block that stops us seeking sometimes; I think eventually the call will always make itself known in the end.

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