What Would You Never Do?

Do Something You'd Never Do

I remember when I was much younger, looking up to the ‘management team’ in our company and thinking, “I’ll never be able to do that.” After all, they were intelligent, smart and important!

Years passed, and one day upon reflection, I realized I had done many things that I originally thought I could never do. I left my roots in a small town at a young age, moving with my husband and two children to a ‘big city’ (by comparison!). I developed friendships with people who I had not grown up with, branching out into the world of possibilities. I completed my college education by going to school at night and working full-time during the day – all as a full-time mother and wife. I traveled across the country many times over representing a national organization. I spoke before audiences of hundreds of people, sharing my knowledge gained through the years. I learned computer skills so far beyond my formal education that even I was stunned.

Eventually, I left a fabulous career after years in the corporate business world to follow my dreams and passion for writing and creating something new every day!

The take-away?

What could you never do?

Now…go do it.

When we see things and think we never could (or never would) do, maybe that’s exactly what we should do. Perhaps by altering our thinking, we will find a passion to do the things we never thought we could do.

We are born with the potential to create and thrive in a world of endless possibilities. And by thinking about what we “could never do”, we will aspire to do it.

I know this is true – I have done it.

What would you never do?

Now, create a plan and do it.

2 thoughts on “What Would You Never Do?

  1. Bravo! Sounds like we’ve had similar, parallel lives. I’m continually surprised by (and honestly, a little proud of) the things I make myself learn now in my “new” life as a photographer. I think I could do anything — I think we all could. E.

  2. I noticed recently that I’m currently doing something I was absolutely convinced I could never do. Turns out it’s well within my range of capability! So now I’m very wary of saying ‘I’d never do that’, because I’m not so sure any more! Opens up a lot of interesting possibilities.

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