What to Do When No One Likes Your Status Update

When no one likes your status, eat a cookie.
When no one likes your status, eat a cookie.

It happened. I put out a status update on Facebook and no one liked it! Well, to be honest, now one person has liked it. Whew! OMG! Has this happened to you? What did you do?

Here are my thoughts and actions in the sequence in which they happen:

First, I recognize this is a crisis. Horror! Nightmare! Humiliation!

Second, I wonder what I could have done to avoid this fate. Should I have drafted 25 versions to find the most likable one? (This is what some social media pros do, according to this Upworthy SlideShare presentation.) But then all I would do is draft status updates?!

Third, if no one likes the status update within an hour, delete! Delete! Delete! Get rid of the evidence. Everything I say must be liked, evidence to the contrary must be destroyed.

Finally, wallow. Consider deleting my Facebook account in a fit or buying a big chocolate chip cookie. Definitely entitled to spend at least three hours feeling like a failure for writing a status update that no one liked.

There’s something hilarious about this situation, the drama of a lonely, non-liked Facebook status update.

It brings up memories of being at the junior high school dance when none of the boys asked me to dance. Of course, it’s silly and it’s nothing to obsess about. How many status updates go unliked in an hour? Probably millions, trillions. It’s a true LOL moment to realize that an unliked status update could have any emotional effect at all. Yet we are living in a weird world where every thought or observation can be quantified with the amount of “likes” it gets.

In so much of our lives, consciously and unconsciously, we are seeking the approval of others. To fit in. To be liked. To get a laugh or a pat on the back. Facebook does us a favor by making it so electronically, addictively clear that the search for approval from others is a bottomless pit.

No amount of likes is good enough if you don’t like your own stuff, really.

So the non-liked status update can be a good therapy to remember that others’ approval does not matter. It can be liberating. Like asking someone to dance or on a date and getting rejected. It’s good to know that we survive. We keep going. Even when no one “likes” our lonely little update, we go on.

4 thoughts on “What to Do When No One Likes Your Status Update

  1. Facebook posts can certainly flush up all of our fears and insecurities. I think this is what’s referred to as a ‘first world problem’!

  2. One one hand, I think Facebook is juvenile and too time consuming. On the other hand, when one of my dogs recently died, I really appreciated the support. I’m not on there every day and one can only read back so far so I think it’s safe to assume that many others don’t either and things can be missed.

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