7 thoughts on “what prevents you from buying handmade?

  1. As a military wife living overseas in germany … local produce that i can afford on a regular basis is hard to come by, plus the hours of stores over here make it even harder. Our local grocery store is tiny whilst our base commissary is more affordable & much bigger.

    The cost of shipping & the fact that i sometimes pay larger shipping costs (because people don’t seem to understand that i have a stateside address) & then they don’t send an item priority … this means it gets put on a boat. Boats take an average 4 to 6 weeks to get things here. It’s frustrating.

    I like to be able to look at what i’m buying … try on clothing, feel an item, really see it’s size. All these thing have an affect & again this is hard as my shopping options locally are difficult & don’t even start me on the bx.

    I love to buy handmade, shop locally, & choose goods that are different & unique it’s just i am unable to do it as much as i would like due to geographic issues.

  2. I would love to buy all of y clothes from local designers or people on Etsy, but the cost is usually to much for me. I know its worth it, but I can rarely afford it.

    I am also hesitant about buying things online that might not fit me properly, so I like to shop locally for the handmade clothing when I actually have the money to do it.

  3. i guess i’ll chime in! i love handmade items – for myself and as gifts – but for someone who lives on a really tight budget, handmade items are definitely a luxury. i read your other post, and (agreed) it’s definitely something i have to plan for! if i find something that i simply must have, i make cuts elsewhere or save up. i go handmade when i can, but can’t see phasing out shopping at target either…or my go-to stops for clothing: tj maxx (where i never spend more than $15) and the clearance rack of anthropologie :)

    ps – i just bought something for rosie from inaluxe… love!

  4. I’m a jewelry seller on Etsy so I definitely want to support handmade, but I find myself choosing store-bought when it’s a matter of immediacy. Unfortunately this usually means for gifts, because I am terrible and forget to buy gifts until the last minute. Definitely something I need to work on, since I think handmade gifts are much nicer to give and receive.

    With clothing, I know I often walk into a dressing room in a store carrying an armful and items, and if I’m lucky, I’ll be happy with how one looks on me. So that makes me hesitate buying clothes online at all, handmade or otherwise.

  5. Maybe buying hand made needs to be more of an experience just as going to a hair dressers is when you could just do it yourself or have a friend do it. You don’t get as spoiled. I for one, like to add a little extra something when I ship my product. I also like to personalize my hair pieces with the customers name on the piece, for that added feeling of “mine”.

    I’m sure there are many more way to help the experience of buying hand made things feel like a better investment. Any ideas?

    My favorite thing about buying hand made is the simple fact that it is mine and no one else has anything exactly like…I also wonder about the person who made it too. Are they silly?, are they sad?…It’s a mystery and indulgence into another realm of someone elses creativity.

    Super cool!

  6. I don’t buy enough handmade times because I design and mine own clothes and for family and friends. As an artist I make my own art work. I only buy handmade pottery, or handmade lampwork or any other jewelry that the beads are handmade, not store bought.

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