What is the Cost of Not Daring?


As we come to the end of 2014, I want to invite you to celebrate with me and from the place of celebration, look forward to what you want to create in 2015.

Celebrations matter

When we celebrate what’s happening, we feed our resourcefulness and momentum. Even when we feel like there’s nothing to celebrate or acknowledge, we can surprise ourselves with what we can find, if we just look.

It’s a muscle that we can work and as we start to look for the learning and opportunity in everything, our resilience grows. We begin to stretch and appreciate that every situation offers learning of some kind. We can notice who we’re being for people, our impact and our whole heartedness, regardless of the outcome.

Try this ….

  • Take a piece of blank paper and a pen.
  • Map out the last year in terms of high and low points.
  • At each significant point, write down what you learnt from that situation.
  • Make a conscious choice to celebrate it all because the truth is you did your best in that moment.

Look forward in a new way

Last year I made a conscious choice that rather than just set goals for 2014, I would choose a word that felt aligned with the bigger intention of my purpose and bigger why.

I sat quietly and meditated. I’ll be honest I was hoping for a big audacious word but the one that came up and wouldn’t leave was TRUST. A little reluctantly, I took this as my word and went about the business of trying to get my coaching business off the ground.

For context, this was my first year of flying completely solo and not having any associate arrangements supporting my self-employment. It has been a white-knuckle ride this year. There have been many moments where I’ve thought that the only way forward was to give up and return to the corporate wheel.

Trust has been the perfect word for me. So many times when I have doubted my capability, the opportunity and the potential, I’ve reminded myself that I can choose to trust. I feel like the universe has created endless opportunities to test my trust muscle – it’s kind of amusing (although that was the last thing I felt at the time!)

This year my word is BLISS. I’m making a conscious decision to follow my bliss. I’m practicing what I preach and leaning in fully to my strengths. I’m going to be intentional with my time and dare to allow my creativity, story telling, esteem building, empathic connection and relationship deepener strengths to lead the way.

We humans have a way of making work hard. It’s as though we feel that success isn’t worth it unless we’ve struggled and driven hard to get it. For many years I’ve taken this path and it’s not until now that I see there’s a much simpler way to create success … by leading from my strengths and being fully me.

Try this ….

Choose a word for your year and if you dare, why not share your word here along with some celebrations.

And remember …

You have everything you need for a fully lived, daring year ahead.

The cost of not daring is that you get the same results over and over.

You hold back the sweetest parts of yourself in fear.

Your creativity is a gift. You are a gift.   Please share it.

I wish you bright blessings for 2015 and thank you for being on this journey with me.

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