what goes around comes around, and around, and around…

GM 2012

The past two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. The Art of Earning Live opened me up to the possibility of playing BIG in my life and work. Happenstance has opened me to a few new/old ideas I can play BIG with.

As always I am reading several books, from fiction to philosophy, with some business and creativity on the side. I grabbed up Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon as soon as it came out because I just like the guy, and what a gem it turned out to be. A simple little book, only 140 small pages, chock full of really clever tips on being creative in the digital age.

On page 89 is written:


Excuse me, that sounds familiar… Oh yeah, I said almost the same thing last June when my head was exploding with the World Domination Summit. I had written in chalk on a sidewalk on Portland, “Make Your own World.” I remembered writing a post about it and went back to see what I had to say. Guess what, I was onto something that I dropped.

Now, brimming with anticipation for what I believe is my best work, I need to take my own words into account and begin again. Conveniently, my friend Brigitte reposted some of her best oldies in which she encourages us to define our values and create a solid mission statement as a starting point for any venture.

Forgive me indulging myself, but I am kicking off a first draft of my working mission here on Scoutie Girl, to be followed up at my new website Art.Hope.Truth as well as Gwyn Michael Studios.

  • What is mine to do in the world is to awaken people to other ways of seeing. To inspire hope where there is doubt, love where there is pain.
  • I approach the world with curiosity, wonder, and respect.
  • I make my choices in life and work with gratitude and reverence for all living things.
  • No gesture in kind can be too small. Every thing counts.
  • We are all artists when we use our minds to see beneath the surface, when we use our hearts to feel the truth, and we have the courage to express our truth.
  • A close relationship with nature contributes to a rich and contented life.
  • We must have unwavering faith in our truth and yet remain open to new possibilities.
  • We must never stop asking questions and seeking answers in our art and lives, which are one and the same.
  • Our best art happens through communication and connection.
  • Great work requires the self-honesty to be wrong and the courage to change.
  • My experience (art) is unique. Your experience (art) is unique. When we share our experience (art), we learn, grow, and are motivated to new ways of thinking, being, and creating.
  • Art has the power to tell meaningful stories, to share deep emotions, to inspire, motivate, and heal.
  • Art has the power to change the world. Be the change.

This is the world I intend to build.

I see my responsibility to own my power and use my voice to empower others.

This is a bit of a leap from peddling prints in an online shop, but then again not so much. I have been writing about my environmental concerns, and my belief that art can be more than embellishment, for some time. I keep coming back to the same themes, and suddenly I see a way to make it all come together. I will be revealing this plan as it unfolds on my own site, but I wanted to share this first step here. There will likely be several revisions of this and I welcome your questions and opinions!

Let’s have a conversation.

From the Heart,

14 thoughts on “what goes around comes around, and around, and around…

  1. Gwyn, Your first point brought me to tears! It’s what I’ve been doing, or trying to do, for years and years. I just never put it into words.

    I live in one of the most poverty-stricken areas in the country, and I can see the hopelessness and how people trap themselves there by making wrong decisions. I see people spend their rent money on a TV, not seeing farther than today. I see people complain about the systems that are set in place to help them – Human Resources, the police, etc. I vacillate between getting the * out of here and thinking that maybe there is a reason for me to stay.

    “Awakening people to other ways of seeing”, as you said, is incredibly difficult work at times. Lots of relationship-building, lots of conversations, lots of carefully (VERY carefully) introducing new ideas in ways that don’t offend or hurt feelings.

    Thank you for defining this so clearly in my mind, and letting me know that others are out there working toward the same things. You’ve made my day!

    1. Hello Jimelle, you have made my day as well! Your response is the best validation I could hope for that I am on the right path. Making connections with like minded people fuels me.

      Thank You!

  2. Gwyn, when you spoke at AofE you kept repeating that you could see the missions that belonged to others, but yours was still unclear.
    I’m so happy you see both an end and a means now. I wish there were a better word than happy – I am filled with some sort of peaceful deliciousness at your victory.

    I disagree with one of your mission points. I do NOT think “we must have unwavering faith in our truth and yet remain open to new possibilities.”I believe we should have faith in a hypothesis (truth) with a hope that others in our community will try to tear it down. In other words – let’s allow ourselves to be forced into further researching and defending our truths. That is how to make our visions stronger, and the best way to cut a path for others to follow.

    Good luck, Gwyn. I cannot wait to see all the questions and answers you will find.

    I love you.

    1. Wow thanks Janice. I was really lost at A of E, but something shifted there and it is all falling into place now. So exciting. Peaceful deliciousness sounds good to me :-)

      I appreciate your point about further defending our truths, and I agree, but I also hold to my point. Perhaps it is my age but I have learned that these truths are not static. They shift and change while remaining fundamentally the same. My point is to own the beliefs while remaining open to new ideas that can build on what we have. Does that make sense?

      Again thanks and Love You right back!!!

  3. Thank-you, Gwyn, for this post. It’s beautiful and inspiring. I’ve been thinking about these issues too, undoubtedly prompted by Tara Gentile’s writing. It makes all the difference to be clear on a higher purpose for our work.

    I make quilted purses and accessories and for a long time I didn’t think there was any higher purpose involved. I just liked doing it. Recently, I came to realize that there is a nice purpose behind my shop. People buy my stuff to express love, either to themselves or to a gift recipient. It inspires me to think I’m making expressions of love.

    1. Thank You Mary. I think making expressions of love is a beautiful thing! A hand made gift is an expression of love.

  4. Your affirmations are very inspiring Gwyn, I call them affirmations anyway. Thank you for sharing. I have always been a believer in Art as THE most important thing in the world without it our souls are starved.

  5. I agree Leoni, they are affirmations. A a mission or manifesto are words I am less comfortable with, but I think they blend?

    I am glad my words resonate at in any form.


  6. Gywn, can you believe it’s been a year since Tara’s Art of Action course? Oh the worlds we’ve created in that year! I love what you’re doing. This year of unadulterated exploration into what it is I’m supposed to be doing has taught me that we have some parallels. I love that you’re using your artistic medium to get at something much bigger. That’s what I’m trying to do too. And these last few months have made it clear that saving the earth is a big part of that.
    You write so well. Thank you for sharing your endeavors with us!

    1. Hi Brandy! Yes, a year has passed and now that you mention it I think I have done alright. It took the better part of that year and a major setback to clarify things, but I am feeling very grounded in my purpose right now. I am so glad you are feeling the same. . I have seen what you are doing at it looks great!

      The world needs hope and brave souls to speak up. Thank you!

  7. I am a first time visitor here. I was lured in by your kitchen blinds and decided to take a look around. I, too have come to understand my heart’s desire in a way that I never have before. Like you, I am building my own world. I appreciate your mission statement- it encourages me to give words to my dream. Thank you!

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