What could you choose to reset today?

Regroup. Reground. Reset.
A sticky note reminder on my office desk that I can always choose to regroup, reground and reset.

A few years ago, in the world of project management, I was introduced to the concept of a “reset meeting.” In a nutshell, a reset meeting is a meeting that’s held with those who are working on a project to a) take stock of what’s been completed, b) re-affirm the project’s goals, and c) reset expectations.

This type of meeting might be held when elements of the project aren’t going so well, either after a major milestone or sooner if it’s needed.

Recently, as I thought about a few things in my life that I felt weren’t going so well, I went back to this concept.

How could I use the idea of a reset meeting in my personal life? Where did I want to take stock, re-affirm goals and most importantly, reset expectations – both mine and others’?

I couldn’t get that one word, reset, out of my mind. According to several of the online dictionaries I consulted it means to set again, anew, or differently.

Isn’t that freeing?

I can reset just about anything. I can reset:

  • my business
  • my physical spaces
  • my health
  • my day
  • my approach
  • my perspective
  • my routine
  • my schedule
  • my relationships

The list could go on.

I’ve chosen to reset a few things these past few months, some more easily than others. Now I put the question to you:

What could you choose to reset today? Where would you want to set things anew, or differently?

Try it, and see how it goes.

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