What Are Your Success Factors?

Clear Desk, Clear Mind
Would a clear desk move you toward your goals?

My husband and I try to make and eat healthy meals most of the week. For us to succeed in doing that, two things usually need to be in place:

  1. there is healthy food in the fridge, and
  2. the dishes are done and the kitchen counter is clear.

The first one is a prerequisite; we can’t make healthy, home-made meals without healthy fixin’s.

The second one is what I would call a success factor; it doesn’t have to be there, but if it is, the chances of meeting our goal just increased tenfold. It sets us up for success.

Here’s another definition of success factor:

“Critical success factors are elements that are vital for a strategy to be successful. A critical success factor drives the strategy forward; it makes or breaks the success of the strategy (hence ‘critical’).” ~ Wikipedia

It “makes or breaks the success of…”

My husband and I could still cook dinner from scratch despite a counter full of dishes. We could wash the dishes before starting, or we could shuffle them around to make space, but often, we don’t. Instead, the stacks of dishes and sink full of soaking utensils become a deterrent and the perfect excuse to order out – usually pizza. The messy counter breaks the success of our healthy eating goal.

On the flip side, if the kitchen counter is clear and pots and pans are clean, chances are 10 to 1 we’ll whip something up. A clean working surface and tools that are readily available make the success of our goal.

When it comes to your goals, what are your success factors?

What things could you – or do you – have in place to increase your chances of meeting your goal(s)? Is it a closed-door practice when faced with a deadline? A clear work space? Better tools?

Notice your deterrents. Could you manage them a little more closely?

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about knowing what you need to set yourself up for success.

How could you put the odds on your side?

4 thoughts on “What Are Your Success Factors?

  1. A visible goal. That could be a launch date I pick and tell lots of people about or an event I’m attending where I want to talk about what I do with confidence. What is most important is that it is visible and there is only one (so I don’t get so overwhelmed by all the awesomeness I drown in my sea of opportunities).

  2. Healthy diet, lots of sleep, a little green tea, clean work space, large desktop calendar to plan ahead, and a detailed to-do list for each day. Heavy on description for each task, but not too many tasks :)

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